"Absolutely amazing" star died at 93 years old

adminDecember 30, 2018

With the television series "Absolutely Amazing" actress June Whitfield has become known. Now she died at the age of 93, which the BBC reports, citing agent.

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He continues to explain that June Whitfield was "peaceful sleep" on Friday. She gained international fame through her role in the TV sitcom "Absolutely Amazing". Edina Monsoon's mother played Mimin from 1992 to 2011.

"June Whitfield was the pole star of British comedy, and her spectacular career is unique in her perseverance, she has been the focal point of many female comedians, paved the way for many, and we owe her immense respect," said BBC Comedy Director Shane Allen .

TV producer Jon Plowman also expressed gratitude to Whitfield: "There was no one with more warmth, she had this ability to" put "a sentence, it was always an act of extreme precision." June Whitfield was born in 2925 in London.

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