ABIA is now AFLAT. Ionela Prodan, message from HOSPITAL for Anamaria. What were the last words of the artist

adminJanuary 11, 2019

During this period she was Anamaria, her great daughter! To be with her mother, the impresario also came with Ionela Prodan in Elias Hospital Reserve, and took care of her day and night as a true medical setting, Wowbiz writes.

"Ana was the one who took care of her at the last minute, she stayed with her in the clinic day and night, gave her the teaspoon, watched her infusions, and watched that the great star of the Romanian folklore was always changed and looked impeccable, as he wanted, "they told the family.

Maybe it was then when she felt it was over, Ionela Prodan told her the last words of her daughter on the death bed. "He told me anything that would happen to be a man. Then it was extinguished," anamaria told his eyes in tears.

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