ABC gives up on its series The Middle spin-off, which is not very Sue Heck of them

adminNovember 22, 2018

Eden Sher
Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

Not learning the lessons of HalfThe beloved Sue Heck, who taught us all that there is no level of clumsiness, clumsiness, bad luck, or simply a general loss that can not be overcome through perseverance and a good attitude. ABC has renounced plans to collect a spin-off starring the character played by Eden Sher. By Deadline, the network has passed Sue Sue In The City, who would have followed Orson, the less talented and gay kid from Indiana, to the great city of Chicago.

ABC issued nine seasons of Half Over the past decade, exploring the lives of the Heck Blue family with one of the best domestic comedies in recent memory. However, just because a network broadcast in the program does not mean that Sue Sue surrenders at some point soon. (Sue Heck never gives up) Warner Bros. TV, which produces the potential series, is supposedly buying Sue Sue In The City to other networks.

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