A year ago, Alyssa Milano started a conversation about #MeToo. These women responded.

adminOctober 15, 2018

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On the afternoon of October 15, 2017, the actress Alyssa Milano. tweeted an application to his followers: "If you have been harassed or sexually assaulted, write me" me too "in response to this tweet."

The results were overwhelming.

In 24 hours, its publication generated thousands of responses, comments and retweets and inspired thousands of other publications on social networks, with women and men from all over the world sharing personal stories. Among the celebrities who responded were Lady Gaga, Viola Davis, Javier muñoz Y Evan Rachel Wood.

But many women who were not family names also spoke: nurses, teachers, engineers, florists, waitresses and students: mothers and daughters, sisters and wives.

Some opened for the first time about being raped. Others talked about defending themselves from aggressive co-workers and losing jobs.

Milano was not surprised to learn that so many people had #MeToo stories, but I was surprised at how honest they were in telling those stories on social media.

"Everyone was so brave to talk about their experiences," Milano told NBC News in a telephone interview on Monday, the anniversary of her tweet heard around the world.

"The most beautiful thing about all this is that not only do women stand up and use their voices, but they support each other in solidarity," added Milano. "The collective pain we have felt has become a collective power, it's amazing."

In the weeks after the Milan tweet, the #MeToo movement, which activist Tarana Burke created more than a decade earlier, became a widespread battle cry for those seeking to prove that sexual harassment is not an isolated incident, and Nor is sexual assault uncommon. The results were far-reaching: dozens of powerful men accused, many of them shot down, a handful accused criminally.

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