A work dark of "The Last Tango in Paris"

adminNovember 26, 2018

Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando in the movie "The Last Tango in Paris". – REX FEATURES / SIPA

If Bernardo Bertolucci, who died on Monday, will notice eternal history with cinema with movies like The tragedy of a ridiculous man, The last emperor or again Little Buddha, a shadow will also swing over its work: The last Tango in Paris. A film made in 1972, praised by someone, written off by others, started with Maria Schneider, his main actress. At the age of eight at that time, a Marlon Brando, who has thirty more meets, undergoes the young woman a traumatic experience: shooting of rape of sodomi, with a lump of butter as a lubricant.

"I felt violent. Yes, my tears were true," she said later. "I had the impression of being raped by both Bertolucci and Brando. Marlon did not apologize for the scene. Fortunately, it was just a catch! A violent sequence in which Maria Schneider was not warned for the sake of realism.

"A ridiculous misunderstanding"

In a video from 2013, which came back in 2016, Bernardo Bertolucci admitted having hidden the truth from his actress. "The butter scene is an idea I had with Marlon that very morning. I did not tell her what was happening because I wanted to get her reaction like a girl and not as an actress (…) I did not want Maria to play her humiliation and fury , I wanted her she felt them. "Statements that had caused much controversy and woke up many reactions, including from some actresses like Jessica Chastain, who condemned the" planning rap "of the director.

Against this tension, Bernardo Bertolucci had returned to these comments. "For the last time I want to clarify a ridiculous misunderstanding that is still being reported Last tango in Paris In newspapers around the world,
He explained in a statement in 2016. "Some believed and believed that Maria had not been informed of the violence (in the scene). Error Maria knew everything because she had read the scenario where everything was described. The only news was the idea of ​​butter," he said and thought that they "deny" the naivety to those who do not know that "sex is almost always simulated in the cinema".

"The movie was a nightmare for her"

This violent scene, but also the scandal provoked by the release of the film at that time, deeply marked the life of Maria Schneider. "I was young, innocent, I did not understand what I did. Today I would deny." All the fuss around me confused me, "she confessed later, revealing specifically to having taken drugs and trying to end her life.

"The movie was a nightmare for her," said in September of September 1 Vanessa Schneider, journalist and cousin of the actor, author of the book Your name was Maria Schneider. "As soon as she complained, the director understood that she was lucky enough to be there. He meant it a little less than nothing. According to her, The last Tango in Paris had deep repercussions. "In the family we could not talk about this movie, he had caused her to suffer so much that she was taboo, and she had also given very specific instructions for her funeral: the name of the film was not pronounced. Maria Schneider died of cancer in an age of 58 in February 2011.

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