A treasure for never? Unexpected defeat by sex on Farma: Engagement has been canceled, ENDED!

adminNovember 27, 2018

In the fall of the audience's weeks, shocked by the information that Táňa and her partner had been engaged with Paul. Although he had the opportunity to see his "tactical games" in his own eyes, he had gone under his papillary with his farmer Petrom. Despite the fact that Brunay's half had just kissed and the word wedding began to come to light, the relationship was infinite.

A month ago, Táňa and her partner Pavol were engaged. Today is all.

A treasure for never? unexpected

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Tanya and Peter did not hide their love. While others did not fall asleep, they called it a tactic.

A treasure for never? unexpected


Recently, it has also been recognized by "Xena" herself, who has confirmed her that she is already available. "The promises were, but unfortunately, the wedding took place. The most up-to-date status is that I'm free with a commitment," Surprised Brunay, who already admitted that the relationship was far from perfect at Farm's time. She described her former as a good man, but with a cold inside.

Well, that's what's going to happen now. Harezník has already known the love of the brunette on Farme, and it seems that his feelings can now be suppressed. However, it is also a question of how Pete's partner, who is waiting for him at home, faces the whole situation. And it does … Perhaps the peasants turtles finally want a free lane and soon we will learn that their relationship is already official.

Do you think Tanya and Peteo really come together?

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