"A star is born" and more: The Best Movies 2018

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Best drama: "Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri"

Although Coen Brothers' films first come to mind for comparison, "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" is a unique, perhaps over-flavored, movie award for some. Frances McDormand (61), bitter, mournful and extremely vulgar Mildred Hayes and her petty war on everything and everyone is the heart of the movie. True, she won the Oscar for Best Actress. And the supporting actor Oscar of Sam Rockwell (50) was more than justified.

Options: "Balloon" / "The Darkest Hour" / "Lady Bird"

The options in the drama sector were abundant in 2018. With "Balloon", Michael Bully Herbig (50) delivered an unusually serious and haunting flight from the GDR, offering "Lady Bird" with Saoirse Ronan (24). And then Winston Churchill Gary Oldman (60) was as single-minded with the Nazi regime and won an Oscar for it.

The best biography: "Departing to the Moon"

Director Damien Chazelle (33) has succeeded in creating an exciting mix with "Aufbruch zum Mond" which, unlike "Bohemian Rhapsody", does not take so many serious freedoms. He contrasts the familiar historical relationships of the first man on the moon with the largely unknown private life of Armstrong. The result is a movie where two main actors Ryan Gosling (38) and Claire Foy (34) know how to inspire. And sometimes more in the home kitchen than in the Apollo 11 rocket – or on the moon.

Alternatives: "I, Tonya", "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Those who are not interested in the journey to the moon and prefer to stay on earth had an exciting alternative with "I, Tonya". Margot Robbie (28) as a manic actor, Tonya Harding, offered an interesting character study and shining as a leading actress. Just like Rami Malek (37) in the already mentioned "Bohemian Rhapsody", which many critics did not want to be warm in their entirety.

The Best Animated Movie: "Isle of Dogs"

Wes Anderson (49) is as good with the Isle of Dogs as with Fantastic Mr. Fox, which creates an adventurous animation world. And that in addition to the countless stars in speaking roles with a level of detail that was second to none. There was no more charming entertainment for young and old in 2018.

Alternatives: "The Incredibles 2"

However, very closely approached is "The Incredibles 2". If the first part was already an animation masterpiece, share two clear high expectations, which certainly met the strip of Brad Bird (61). It was also a good decision to focus on the mother of the superhero family.

The best cartoon adaptations: "Avengers: Infinity War"

"Avengers: Infinity War" is all the fans expected – and maybe a little more. The villain Thanos is even the highlight of the movie, which, sadly as it may be, loudly picks up on each of the beloved characters and therefore eventually brings surprise again. Not sure anymore, if the personal favorite in the middle of the strip dies screen death – "Thrones" has shown that this fear can provide morbid entertainment. And for excitement anyway.

Options: "Black Panther"

If you don't call DC, movie books are always about to act. Nevertheless, the enormous success of "Black Panther" did not even disturb the creators. In times of the "Oscars So White" debate and with Donald Trump (72) in the White House, the movie hit the nerve to the cinema audience.

The best action movie: "Mission: Impossible – Fallout"

Quick action, literally breaking the stunts and a 56 year old Tom Cruise in top form. It's really surprising how well the sixth "Mission: Impossible" series, called "Fallout", has become. Instead of relying too much on green screen and computer effects, "M: I6" is more dependent on handcrafted effects – and you just discover it. In this form we will experience many impossible assignments.

Options: "Sicario 2"

"Entertaining" is the wrong word, "worth seeing" is better with "Sicario 2" – as with its predecessor. Securing the safety of their own country is not presented here as an honorable task, but as one that in some cases leads to no less reprehensible methods than on the other. A brilliant hero therefore looks in vain, anti-hero Alejandro as a popular figure seems only limited in terms of his actions in the first part. Anyone who already liked the oppressive mood of "Sicario" but also came on the sequel at the expense.

The best love movie: "Call me by your name"

"Call me with your name" is this year's most beautiful love story! The silent narrative style, the Italian setting and the threaded ensemble blend in perfectly with each other. Here is the love of poetry, there is an explosion of sensuality. A beautiful movie about the ups and downs of love.

Alternative: "A star is born"

Bradley Cooper (43) has made a ghost film with his direct debut, moving deeply and precisely in human abysses like Sternstunden. Above all, they transgress actors and musical performances by him and Lady Gaga (32). Both go to it all and show pure feelings. The good chemistry between them and their fascination for each other is perceptible every minute. "A star is born" gets under your skin.

The best horror movie: "Hereditary"

Even experienced horror fans are likely to have rubbed their blood clots in "hereditary" places and wonder. What the movie of Ari Aster just kicked in his last half hour is pure nightmare – to the best of all senses. In addition, Toni Collette (46) as an overloaded mother is incredibly convincing and scary. Horror meets family drama – who has the stomach for it, must look at "hereditary".

Options: "Halloween", "A Quiet Place"

Anyone who has seriously anticipated that "Halloween" 40 years after originally revived the killer will have come from the disappointment of the idea. Not in the horror aspect of the film is innovative, but in the presentation of his protagonist and many supportive characters. Meanwhile, the movie "A Quiet Place" got a little too much hype. But if you fail to question the world shown in it too often, you will also be able to fully enjoy the creepy joy.

The Best Comedy: "The Disaster Artist"

"The Disaster Artist" draws the portrait of a man who swings wildly between egomaniac, visionary, outsider and laugh number. Ed Wood, the "worst director of all time," has already been raised a memorial by Tim Burton (60) and Johnny Depp (55). Tommy Wiseau (63) has also earned this honor. Passion must always be rewarded. Although she creates suffering. And for the main actor James Franco (40) there was a Golden Globe on top. Only strangers – vulnerable people should be careful.

Alternatives: "BlacKkClansman", "Deadpool 2"

For anti-racism satire "BlackKklansman" stood for a few minutes at this year's Cannes Film Festival after premiere standing ovation. And even at the Golden Globes in the coming year, the strip may possibly score several times. Ryan Reynolds (42) even received support from Céline Dion (50) and Josh Brolin (50) for "Deadpool 2". It was well received at the ticket office and gave the sequel more than $ 720 million in revenue.

The best fantasy film: "Water form: The whisper of the water"

As the winner of last year's Oscar, "Form of Water: Whispering of the Water", hid the fact that Guillermo del Toro (54) is not a filmmaker who stands for accessibility. If you love the romantic side of the "Shape of Water", you may be dissatisfied with the dark side – and vice versa. Nevertheless, the genre mix is ​​unique and worth seeing. With great attention to detail, Guillermo del Toro restores the United States in the 60's to the screen, even giving "gill man" the character and – respect, pun.

Alternative: "Amazing Animals: Grindelwald's Crime"

"Wonderful Animals: Grindelwald's Crime" scores with visually stunning effects, great actors and fine alliances for the original franchise. When it comes to action, overloaded with characters and little magical movies in places less convincing. Finally, he is "only" part of two scheduled films. But with an end that will keep you going …

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