A senior girl shows all the mistakes of "Bohemian Rhapsody"

adminNovember 30, 2018

CINEMA – Fixed fans do not let anything pass. And, like the hair to scratch, this great admirer of the queen could not help but restore the truth about the life of his idol Freddy Mercury. On Twitter, since November 28, she compares the chronology of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" with the real life of the singer.

It is called "Alex" who could not help but restore the truth. Contacted by HuffPost, this 17-year-old high school girl living in the Paris region explains it sA passion for queen has been conveyed to her in spite of herself: "Since my mother has been a big fan of the queen since she was young, I grew up with this group and since my childhood my parents have listened to their music. so it's quite logical that, as I'm older, I try to find out more about your story. "

And in the form of a "troubleshooting", Alex took the opportunity to summarize the 21 errors in the film, or the "Freedom script" taken by Anthony McCarten, who has nevertheless written his scenario by working with the remaining members of the group.

How do not look coincidence in this way to dissect the movie from "Alex" when we know she plans to do a criminology or journalism school. First, the exercise was brilliantly successful for high school girls.

From the release date of a track to the meeting place between Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor, throughout the year as Freddie Mercury grew a mustache, "Alex" restores the truth and shows the anachronisms that puncture the biopic. The exhaustive list below:

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Instagram screen @lexi_castafolte


"I watched the movie 5 times"

To check each point, "Alex" has been strict in checking each time more sources. She has mostly gone to the cinema five times to establish her list. At each view she was "very careful about the small details to be able to check them for". She also succumbed to "group talks, books about her concerts, to get a precise idea of ​​the tours they did".

His approach is part of a desire to share: "I think it's important to notice the mistakes because I especially like this group. Many people listen to their songs after biopics without really knowing their story, I wanted to share my knowledge. "

Historic freedoms for the service of biopic

Did these inaccuracies make him hate this movie? On the contrary: "I was very excited to see" Bohemian Rhapsody "and he did not disappoint me." His "fact-checking" allowed him to "learn a bit more about the band", so this big tab will only be positive.

It also includes the historical freedoms that have been taken: "Some minor mistakes could have been avoided, but it's important to change the story of the group that spans several years to make a two-hour movie interesting and dynamic. The errors in this movie are not disturbing, and someone was important to me to pass more emotions and thus lead to a better movie.

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