A remake & clueless & # 39; is in the works that have the children of the 90s feeling emotions found

adminOctober 26, 2018

One of the most beloved teen movies of all time is getting a 21st century update. A Clueless the remake is officially happening, Deadline He reported Thursday, because the next generation needs to know who Cher Horowitz is.

There is still not a lot of information about the movie, but there are some important names linked to the side of things behind the scenes. Tracy Oliver, who co-wrote the script Travel of girls, will be producing the movie. And Marquita Robinson, who has worked as SHINEstory editor and as a writer of New girl, will write the script for the Clueless remake, according to Deadline.

Of course, there is no news about the casting at this time, considering the fact that the film has not yet been written. Even so, it is likely that fans are already imagining the possibilities of an updated version of the classic movie. How will the iPhones appear in Cher's dream wardrobe? What is version 2018 of the iconic yellow checkered suit? And, perhaps most importantly, who could replace Paul Rudd as Cher's love interest?

There is also the question of whether any member of the original cast would return for the Clueless Redo. Sadly, Brittany Murphy passed away in 2009, but Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash and even Rudd were able to make cameos in the new movie.

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For fans of the original movie, however, there are definitely mixed emotions. Some children of the 90s, understandably, are not thrilled that the beloved movie is being remade.

Still, some fans were, like the Clueless The characters would say, totally annoyed about the remake. (Will the new movie still show the emblematic phrases? The children of the 90s who inevitably see the remake will be forced to learn the popular phrases of Generation Z now?)

And, of course, many people joked that Rudd could star in the new movie as a college student, just as he did in the original movie, as he is famous for not getting old.

As some fans pointed out, the 1995 movie was inspired by Jane Austen & # 39; s Emma, so it is already a "new version". Still, it feels a bit weird to adapt the 90s film again, and not just make a new movie that is linked to the book. Part of Clueless's charm was that it was made so clearly in the 90s, so it will be interesting to see what changes Oliver and Robinson make to the updated version.

Continue as Deadline points out, fans who can not get enough Cher Horowitz are really in luck. Apart from the next remake, there is also an upcoming off-Broadway Clueless Musical starring Dove Cameron, and opens in December. So, if you do not mind seeing other actors other than Silverstone in Cher's shoes, now is a good time to be a connoisseur of pop culture.

Once more details about the Clueless The remakes are revealed, some skeptical fanatics could simply come to the news. And for fans who want to keep the original, it will always be there, in all its glory of the 90s, for fans to enjoy.

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