A rare picture .. I know the story of "ancient Egyptian cinema" from a violinist as a potential actress

adminNovember 27, 2018

The story of Egyptian cinema is full of many artists who, with their art and unique talent, illuminate the cinema of Egypt. Throughout history and for many years, stars and others have disappeared, and these models remain spiritual fathers of Egyptian cinema.

Happy prophecy
Happy prophecy

Despite the fact that the ancient Egyptian stars have changed our world, their work for years has been a testament to the talent they possess, the size of the art and the quality of what they have presented, and such a great artist Nabawi Said.

The late artist began his artistic career as a violinist on violin of Arabic music. She was 14 years old and continued to play until she went to the cinema and started appearing in small roles.

During her work in the cinema, she became famous for her role as an old lady in the Egyptian cinema. She played the role of the old lady in many works. She played the role of Umm Mamdouh, Adel Imam, Abu El Ela artist "Shokri Sarhan" in the film, the second wife and the movie, the wife of the Abu Swailm artist "Mahmoud Meligy."

She was also known for her "Jamousti Ya Omdra" in "The Land". Her latest work was the "The New Street" series in 1997, to disappear and return again with the late great artist Nour El Sherif in the movie "Kalam Banamaoua". 83 years old.

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