A pre-pregnant step. Harry and Meghan move from London

adminNovember 27, 2018

They will no longer live next to Prince William and Duke Kate.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan decided to exchange their homes before the birth of their first descendants. From London, they move to Frogmore Cottage, located in Windsor early next year.

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They still live in Kensington Palace, Nottingham Cottage, next to Prince William and Duke Kate. This place, according to DailyMail, Meghan and Harry do not fit.

They do not want the child to grow up in the "golden cage" and under the media and the public. Two-story Frogmore Cottage is much more modest and is more private than the place where Prince William and Kate are raised.


Prince Harry can make that decision because he is the sixth successor to the throne, and he is unlikely to ever seize the imaginary king's concept. His brother, Prince William, who is second in rank, can not decide so freely. His family is bound by much stricter royal rules.

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