A new glimpse from Haluk Levent

adminDecember 26, 2018

Erdem Gürel (35) and Müşerref Gürel (35), two children of two couples who were born in the Merkezefendi district and worked as a machine operator at the factory, were born without a left hand. Nuri Gurel, a 3rd grade student at Sıdıka Çalışkan Secondary School, took a swimming course in her spare time, got her family registered for guitar courses at a private music school. Anıl Zengin, who was the teacher of Gürel who had no left hand, began searching for a solution to help him. Rik, the medical bracelets he bought, made a tree with a plectrum on the tip, made the appliance. Gürel wore this apparatus as he rich, so he comfortably played the guitar. Nuriye needs a bionic hand to keep life as normal as other children.


Gurel, who learned to play the guitar in a short time and was willing to give a concert, made the national press releases his biggest dream of Anatolian Rock Music Haluk Levent with a strong voice to play the guitar, he said. Gürel's request to the famous singer social media on the Twitter account "We also give a concert, bionic hand to carry the message. News will be there as soon as my daughter," he replied.

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