"A miracle" at Arte: Serial masterpieces on faith, love and politics

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The tears in this Madonna are enough for all sinners in Italy, and many are. Where the tears are in humans, they want plastic sacred leaks of blood. A good 600 liters have flowed out of the 2.3 kilo since it was investigated by the security authorities in Rome in a secret place, already several full barrels were rolled away.

Scientifically, everything has been investigated. Madonna, who used to stand on the side of the road in Calabria to protect motorists on a dangerous curve, shouts human blood of blood type 0, values ​​are normal, low calcium deficiency. There will even be a sample sent to the US for DNA testing. Result: brown eyes, caucasian, curly hair, no hereditary diseases.

Now everything is known about the blood of plastic Madonna. You know nothing. The thing is a miracle.

And no one could use a miracle better than troubled Prime Minister Fabrizio Pietromarchi. It will be played by Guido Caprino, who previously portrayed a migrant hater and a Legate North skeptic in the 1993 masterpiece political series. In the new series "A Miracle", his figure is now opposite the political spectrum: Pietromarchi is a friend of Europe and a skeptic of religion. Still, he is fascinated by Madonna, like any other person in front of her.

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Arte series:
Italy must bleed

European enemies are pushing to leave the EU, the lira is about to return, it is likely that it will be said. Is Madonna the miracle that brings change?

Death as the last big puzzle

Now just help to pray. The best, most moving and even the most progressive television productions in Europe are currently imbued with the quest for spirituality. The continent disintegrates, the world disintegrates, the society, both small and large, seems to be failing, and in the series the characters adjust their longing for higher powers.

For example, in the Danish tendency "the ways of the Lord" it was just to see how driven and crushed by self-optimizing Protestant new, unusual ways of finding faith. In the French science-fiction six-part "Ad Vitam", the youth of a society that has overcome dying through science, rose to a religious cult of the dead. Where life is completely decoded, death appears as a last-great puzzle.

The Italian eight part "Ein Wunder", which runs on Arte January 10, is already fully available in the media library, telling even more disturbing about a world where one can accurately map the genome – and in the secret All to be and be left unresolved.

Biologist with clonal fantasies

On the basis of a split, endangered and paranoid Italy – in the background, the TVs are constantly heard from the "liquidity crisis", the politics fled into populism – meeting in spell of the bleeding Madonna very different peoples. The priest, who has been exchanged for gender and gambling addiction, and after his awakening tears the cross from the church wall to carry it through Rome. The Mafia henchman ordered by his godfather to kill his own child, being held responsible for the death of another child. The biologist who, with the help of Madonna, wants to wake her mother out of her wake-up call and to clone fantasies.

As the series "1993", which told about the launch of Silvio Berlusconi, or "Gomorrah" about the mafia's multiple influence on Italy, "A Miracle" is a production of Sky Italia. Italy is currently practicing a kind of high mass of the European series. It is unique how social vibrations are transformed into narrative, plot and figure-strong stories with generally valid truths about fear, greed, and decay.

"A Miracle" Creator Niccolò Ammaniti Adds This Strict Reality Television to Surrealistic Images: When we land in the dream of the President's wife, sitting at the bar, pulling out an endless chain of candies from his mouth. On another occasion we are in the dream of the saint figure examining the intelligence manager who is consumed in the supermarket by a group of people.

Mondo cannibal In Madonna's country, Italy needs a miracle.

"A miracle": All eight episodes will be available until February 23 at Arte Media Center. Broadcast in the linear program from January 10 at 20:15.

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