A meaningful donation to the Nesin Foundation from Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar – Life

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar, friends of Aziz Nesin, left the five-story buildings in Gümüşsuyu, where they lived in an apartment, for the Nesin Foundation to build a culture and art house before leaving this world.

Ali Nesin, son of Aziz Nesin, who announced the social media news, stated that he was giving a new direction to the foundation's life by donating Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar.

Nesin Foundation leaders stated that they will make the names of Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezar alive in the projects in the mathematical city. Süleyman Cihangiroğlu, In his written statement, the Nesin Foundation told Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar Culture Center to the building. Süleyman Cihangiroğlu statement on the subject is as follows:

"We want to live more with young people"

"Two years after his wife, Engin Cezzar, who was his wife, Gülriz Sururi was again buried as he wanted.
Now we will do our part within the framework of his will. His and Engin Bey's name will be lived in our mathematical city. We gave the name Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar Street to the main road that combines the villages of Mathematics and Philosophy, and we even hung the street in a few days. Again on their behalf, we will transform the house and building they live in Gümüşsuyu to the Nesin Foundation Gülriz Sururi and the Engin Cezzar Cultural Center. This will be a project that changes our lives, we will be more intertwined with you and the young.

"They will live with us now"

Thick You can guess that we talked about every detail in the culture house, designed the logo, didn't like the pictures in the logo, chose again, sent it, changed it. We even talked for a long time about special items, theater posters and costumes that would be placed in the center. In the last conversation, her big eyes shone even more when she said how excited she would be to stay here.

Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar will be a new beginning for us. They live with us now. "

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