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Almost five months have passed since Infinity War it premiered, and the creation of Disney is probably the biggest movie of the year when it comes to bustle. Five months after the film debuted and people are still talking about the movie, trying to guess what will happen next and how the fallen heroes will be resurrected. We have a lot of evidence that says that many of the dead heroes will appear at least in Avengers 4, regardless of whether they will be revived or not. And we also have a pretty clear idea of ​​how this will happen: time travel.

We have two ways to travel through time at Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the Stone of Time, which Thanos has at this time, and Quantum Realm, which has vortexes of time. All the theories we have seen are based on one, the other, or combine the two travel options in time. But it seems that it is the Quantum Kingdom that will play an important role in Avengers 4 And in other movies. And we know that thanks to a recent interview by Ryan Seacrest with Michael Douglas (through ComicBook), who plays Hank Pym in the Ant Man films.

Douglas said that the quantum kingdom is "the key" to Avengers 4 and other MCU movies. "Right, right, that's absolutely true," he said when asked Anthill 2 is directly connected to Avengers 4.

"I mean, all of them, I mean, the Quantum Kingdom, that's the key, that's the key," Douglas added. "I think The Quantum Realm plays an important role in all the next chapters of the Marvel films." The character of Douglas, of course, became dust in the credit scene of Anthill and the wasp.

Douglas' spoiler is massive but it is not surprising considering what we have learned in recent weeks. A leak told us that all the surviving Avengers will wear matching uniforms that will resemble the special costume that Pym used when he went to look for Janet in the quantum kingdom.

Image source: Marvel via MCU Cosmic

We also learned that the next chapter in the MCU could take place five years after the events in Infinity War. One of the reasons why that may happen is because Scott Lang has to leave the Quantum Realm and somehow land in the present or in the near future. Also, developing a way to access Quantum Realm at will (the costumes?) And discovering how to navigate the vortexes to reach specific time frames can take time.

Finally, we do know that Quantum Realm is a very populated world where things can get dangerous. That universe has intelligent creatures and cities (pictured above) that could help or hinder the trip in question.

November is almost here and we are fast approaching the day when the first Avengers 4 trailer – and hopefully its title – will be released. Once the trailer arrives, we will be attentive to any Quantum Realm or travel teasers in the time that Marvel has decided to share.


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