A man revives after suffering "brain death" and is disconnected from medical equipment

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The specialists said he would never recover, and his relatives would start preparing for the funeral.

A man was declared "brain dead" after suffering an apparent stroke that left him completely unconscious in his home in Nebraska, USA. In the face of this scenario, his children followed the advice of the specialists and authorized him to disconnect him from medical equipment. But at all, the patient continued to breathe on his own and against all the odds he recovered, AP reported Friday.

"They told us he was on his way to brain death, so we said goodbye before we confused, all screens were off, and we waited on his side," said the patient's daughter, Preston Marr.

Surprisingly, Scott Marr, 61, kept his vital signs and woke up to everyone's amazement, even though doctors had said he would never return, so his relatives would begin preparing for the funeral.

Immediately, the treating physician ordered additional tests, and it was determined that Scott did not actually have a stroke, as was originally thought, but that he had a rare disease called reversible encephalopathy syndrome later that can be treated. It was the severe swelling of the back of the brain that led to a misdiagnosis.

This rare pathology "is often due to high blood pressure, but there are many things that can cause it," said Dr. Rebecca Runge.

Now Scott Marr, a former basketball game advertiser, has been nicknamed "Miraculous Man," based on his successful recovery before a scenario that is just waiting for death. Finally, this afternoon, he published a video where he can appreciate his good health and thank all those who have followed the case and supported the recovery process. (Source: RT)

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