A little boy is born without hams and legs on the back

adminNovember 29, 2018


Little Baron was born with a disease that only affects five people in England: the caudal regression syndrome.

The newborn came into the world with no hips and legs on the back as if they were a big permanent gap. Tracy Fletcher, 39, and her partner, Edward, learned during an ultrasound that their baby should be born disabled. Despite this news, they decided to carry the pregnancy for a term.

According to doctors, the little boy will never go, he will move in a wheelchair and have problems with the kidneys, bladder and bowel. When he was born, Tracy and Edward were more surprised than expected. "It was a very difficult moment, and I was a little scared the first time I held it"she told the Metro newspaper.

After three weeks of intensive care and underneath, Baron came home with his parents, who are already seeing progress in motor skills. Tracy has also launched a fundraiser to provide a car seat adapted to his little boy.

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