A girl reveals the dark side of the sale of sex with "Snape Chat"

adminNovember 29, 2018

It can not be denied that social networking applications provide a simple environment for communication between different countries in the world, but remain as any new invention that has pros and cons, which must be notified not to fall into users.

Snape Young is one of the most prominent applications for communication, but it has a big negative aspect, the ability to sell sex videos through it, for monthly subscriptions from 20 to 200 pounds sterling in the context of watching these videos.


"Judy Carnell," revealed the dark side of this application and explained his willingness to participate in such videos that it resembles the sale of paintings, indicating that it receives about 4000 pounds per month, according to the website of the British newspaper Sun.

Judy Carnell claims that what she is doing is singing or going to parties or painters who show her paintings on exhibits and that she only sells pictures and video clips and she is not a teenager and did not die men through her work according to her statements .


She admits that she is being abused because of her offer through comments, where people call her a joke and other insults that bother her. She gets to get her messages every hour for half an hour a day. She also purchases services from other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, we must finally take care of things that easily spread to many different applications.

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