A French rapper releases a collection of its most beautiful punchlines at a great price!

adminNovember 30, 2018


Rapper Booba has put together his best punchlines in a book that will be released on December 9th.

The author of the titles "Number Ten" and "West Side" has decided to surprise his fans for Christmas. Booba has put together his most beautiful lines in a collection of over 600 pages that the singer has chosen to call Bitumen with a feather. Unfortunately, it will only be available in a single store in Paris, the concept store "we", and will only count 200 copies.

"Cutted in concrete, this original edition of the collection Bitumen with a feather contains the text of Elijah Yaffa aka Booba. His rhyme has crossed the generations and his pen has "inked" in our minds, says the official website of the book.

The fans of the singer must pay a certain amount to acquire the precious collection since it is sold to not less than 300 euros! For those who do not have the opportunity to get one of the 200 copies sold, the store announced that it will also launch a series of four limited edition t-shirts.

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