A fantastic Paul McCartney at U Arena

adminNovember 29, 2018

Paul McCartney is 76 years old. We may not bring everything back to age, in his almost 60 years of career. It does not stop. In the middle of the concert this Wednesday at the Paris Defense Arena, it is necessary to be a moment when one remains captivated by the British rocker's charm. For example, when he delivers after 30 minutes of show, a furious version of "Let Me Roll It" all guitars out. Or when he comes to the stage, almost as if nothing had happened, by enlightening the public more than his humble little person and balance of entry "Hard Day's Night". The most natural in the world.

What stifles the whole room, despite a swirling sound and an echo typing at the bottom of this great arena. Too bad. It will have to do with. Fortunately, the repertoire is amazing: "All My Loving" where McCartney plays nostalgia full of hits with carefree pictures of Beatles in his childhood. The old "got you to my life" and the new "Come to me" from their excellent latest album "Egypt station" released in September. "It's great to come back here to Paris," he said in French. You do not have to add more. The songs speak for him. "My Valentine" on the piano dedicated to his wife Nancy "Who's here tonight", "Nineteen hundred and eighty-five" treasure of the wings, which he formed in 1971 after he separated his mythical group. Or "In spite of all danger," "the first song recorded by Beatles," he always tells in French, a piece that even originates from The Quarrymen, the first fruit of the 4 of Liverpool.

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An ideal moment in the middle of the show to mark a handful of masterpieces: "From me to you", "Michelle", "The only song in French we know", says the star, "Love Me," "Blackbird", always sublime, played alone on the guitar. Just like "Here Today" crushing 1982 song addressed to John Lennon a few months after his death.

Pictures of the projected Beatles

That's it? No, it's just the beginning. Because with McCartney when there are more, there are still some. It is enough to use in its giant discography: "Eleanor Rigby", carried by the singer's intact voice, "Noe" started alone in ukulele dedicated to his "brother" George Harrison who composed this jewel for the album "Abbey Road" in 1969 . The pictures of the Beatles of the times roll on the screens and with them, certainly a part of the audience's youth. Just watch everyone in the choir "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" and then "Band on the run" or "Back in USSR" where the screens are played with ancient images of the Soviet Union. It is assumed that McCartney goes away when he goes to a corner of the scene.

No. It's better to reach the piano and start to "Leave it". Moment of communion amidst a tides of light mobile phones, before the traditional explosions and real fireworks under "Live and Light Die" saw a big final on "Hey Jude" where he makes the men sing, "go guys," and women , "go girls," encouraged in French.

After almost 2.30, he returns for an ultimate reminder surrounded by three flags: French, English and Gay. And there are still two incredible pieces of courage: the glorious "Herter Skelter" and an epic "Bear that weight". A certain idea of ​​eternal youth.

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