A famous singer surprises: "I am the only Romanian artist who has never played for a political party" – News from sources

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The singer Florin Chilian (50) confesses that he never throws away the politicians' money and is proud to say that his name was not tied to the world in which they are spinning.

Florin Chilian is not a fan of festivals organized by mayors from various parties or other events related in one way or another to those who run the country. Although he began his 18-year career, the artist became a studio of 25 sqm, but he is happy that the picture was not associated with any political "color," writes Freedom.

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"Yes, I am the only Romanian artist who has never played for any political party in any election campaign ever since I launched my first album," Love – Interface to Reality, "said Chilian, according to the stated source.

"Maybe I'm an idiot. Another idiot like me, or bigger than me, in this chapter, I assure you it's not, at least not in Romania," says the singer, who is aware of what wealth he could gather if he made compromises.

Chilian is also not proud of helping those in need, giving him just as much joy: "I'm also a champion in another sensitive chapter. I don't think there is any other artist who has supported so many concerts for humanitarian purposes "Since 2001, out of 20 concerts have had a charity goal, do you calculate the sum of money or donate to those who have infinitely more needs than me for that money," says Chilian.

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