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In "In the Father's Name", the Krogh brothers: Morten Hee Andersen aka August (left) and Simon Sears aka Christian (right). "/><noscript> <img src=
In "In the Father's Name", the Krogh brothers: Morten Hee Andersen aka August (left) and Simon Sears aka Christian (right). TINE HARDEN

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While he anchored his series in the political sphere, Adam Price, in Borgen, arranged a woman's accession to Danish society. How do you reconcile privacy and professional life, how to combine privacy choices and compromise management? "You can not have everything, you have to make choices and pay the price, commented Adam Price during his visit to the Séries Mania Festival, in 2017, in Paris. And the price will necessarily be your family. " Thus, the harmonious couple formed by premier Birgitte Nyborg, joined his husband at the end of season 1, doubles the loneliness of the power in the heart of the box.

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For his new creation, In the name of the father, the Danish scriptwriter is again reliant on a family history.

"I'm a man, I have a son, I have a brother and I had a father explaining why this time I wanted to pick up the male side of a family, father-to-father relationship. Son, explained Adam Price. I would show our terrifying habit of destroying the ones we love most: our children. How to protect them at best, without locking them behind a wall of love or expectations? We want the best for them and often end up, not understanding them, by harming them. Why? This is the theme of this series, through a question of different forms of faith. "

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An unconscious legacy

The opening scene ofIn the name of the father Seeing two young boys having fun on a beach. Their game, strange at first glance, will soon be mirrored with an unconscious legacy. Because they weigh the weight of the ten generations of pastors who base their family identity, tradition warns expectations and desires that they incarnate themselves in their silence. One, August, a small camera in his hand, lies in a coffin, and movies his eldest, Christian, stand over him. The latter, shirtless and collar Lutheran pastor on his neck cites the scripture when he covers his brother who is swayed with his beach shovel. Until the little lie has enough and runs away without waiting for the end of the ceremony.

Johannes Krogh looks like permeated by religious faith as a political sense

When the next scene brings these two brothers together twenty years later, the game has paved the way for an existential crisis. At least in the oldest Christian, who, after solid training in pastoral work, turned his back to theology, became engaged in free business, and fell with anger on his father. His brother, August, takes on the burden of family heritage as Krogh embraces the ecclesiastical career from father to son for more than two hundred and fifty years: although he is not in doubt, he became a pastor like his father, Johannes Krogh. The latter is brilliantly interpreted by Lars Mikkelsen (Borgen Sherlock, House of Cards), awarded on November 19th in New York the International Emmy Award for Best Male Performance for its role in this series.

Bipolarity and alcoholism

Is it really the faith that led Johannes Krogh's sons to move towards theological studies? Is the same belief that John Krogh is chosen as a bishop in Copenhagen? This father, charismatic and authoritarian, glorious orator and great sins (in the fight against his demons, whose bipolarity and alcoholism) suffers from being unable to follow his inclination to draw and paint. But did he not reproduce the same caution with his sons as sacrificing his taste to religion? And above all, to a line, does not he want to go out? Invasive member of the Lutheran Church, Father Family Demanding, Johannes Krogh appears to be permeated by religious beliefs as a political sense, moved alternately by real mysterious desire and violent impulses of dominance or depression.

"It is this humanity, this human fact full of contradictions that I wanted to exploreconcludes Adam Price. More than faith or religion, it is our belief, our quest for a response, no matter what it may be, that interests me. We all, either religious or lying, have a personal belief system. We consist of elements, melted together, made of faith, superstition, spirituality, unseen Buddhism, research into personal development. The series is born of this curiosity, of this boring awaiting, of this great spiritual quest that we can not define or seize. "

In the name of the father (Season 1) series made by Adam Price. With Lars Mikkelsen, Ann Eleonora Jorgensen, Simon Sears, Morten Hee Andersen, Fanny Louise Bernth (Denmark, 2017, 10 × 58 min). Two episodes per evening, every Thursday. The series is available in full until December 29 at arte.tv

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