A comprehensive chronology of literally everything Meghan Markle's half sister has ever said about her

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It is difficult to track where Samantha Markle he meets his half sister, the Duchess of Sussex, on any given day.

Since then Meghan Marklecommitment to Prince Harry was announced, the previous Costumes The older brother and clearly separated from Star has been on a great crusade to bring her down and get some press in the process. But at that moment, old Markle's feelings towards her sister have changed with such regularity that it's enough to make your head turn. Last week, she apologized to Meghan and her husband for "past misunderstandings" in the light of her sister's pregnancy announcement, while also ironically saying that "everyone just needs to shut up and let this be a big deal for them" .

And this week? She called her a liar after claiming that a speech that Meghan delivered at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji that touched her own history of higher education had distorted the truth. So much to close the devil.

Then, in a spirit of responsibility, something that clearly Samantha likes to keep her sister, we present a complete timeline of everything she has said in this one-sided war of words.

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November 2016

Apparently about nothing, and a year before the royal couple announced their engagement, Samantha began her crusade seriously on Twitter, and apparently wrote: "The royal family would be horrified by what he did to his own family. It would truly kill their relationship. " with Prince Harry, I would not want to go out with her because it puts her in a bad public light. "

In an interview with SunSamantha, who was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and has since been confined to a wheelchair, admitted that she had had little contact with her sister in the past decade. "Hollywood has changed it," he said. "I think her ambition is to become a princess."

Three weeks later, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Samantha changed her tone and praised her for being "studious" and "traveling the world." "She has the eloquence of a Rice Condoleezza, and the grace of Princess Diana, "she added.

January 2017

After Meghan embarked on a one-week trip to India in honor of World Vision Canada, an organization that works to support and sponsor children and families living in poverty around the world, Samantha criticized her efforts and, according to reports, tweeted: "When people die of hunger or die of thirst, it is an insult to use one's own voice: exploitation, go to the desert with a truck full of water when people are dying and offer your voice "

And when they called her because of the strange reaction, she replied: "She is the one with a hardened heart, I have always supported her, but I will not allow lies and hypocrisy."

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March 2017

After Meghan's friend Serena Williams Samantha praised her on Twitter for an article about the period of poverty she had written on International Women's Day. Samantha wrote on Twitter: "But what did you donate to make the possibilities real? Money for toilets, maxi pads or just a photo op?" Almost at the same time, she also belittled Meghan's acting career, tweeting: You mean "work" in 90210? " and alleged that Meghan "ignored a sister in a wheelchair because it is a shame for her". This was also when Samantha first proposed the idea of ​​her book "Telling Everything", tweeting "Excited for my book" Princess Sister's Diary of Pushy & # 39; ".

April 2017

Samantha clarified the scope of her book in an exclusive interview with The daily star, saying "My book deals with my bi-racial family in a sincere, warm, personal and socially important way. Maybe when Meghan is more mature and read the book she will understand. A part of her will not like it, part of her could. "

September 2017

Samantha's release to the editors for her book, written in April, is revealed on page six. In it, he says that his book "Illustrates the evolution of my biracial lens since my birth in the 60s, the intolerant foundations in my own family that echoed in my mind as a child while defending [the idea] that there is no such thing as "color", only the fear and hatred that people like my grandmother learned in their pockets without education and based on the insecurity of the United States and the world. "

"When my biracial sister was born, I would always be blind to the color", continued the tone. "If I could only predict the media frenzy and the racial insults that would occur as a direct result of my beautiful little sister, I would possibly become the first biracial princess or duchess in real history. over the shoulder, far in the world we have come to true multiracial and multicultural appreciation, in contrast to how far we have to go in our evolution towards the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. "

November 2017

After the announcement of Meghan and Harry's engagement on November 27, Samantha spoke with We weekly about what was really important: how the good news made her feel. "It was really exciting for me, I'm very happy for her," he said. "It was kind of funny, it was like my boyfriend showed it to me and I was talking on the phone with my father and I told him he knew it too, we did not know he was going to leave so soon, so it was nice to wake up."

In the same interview, she tried to minimize her estrangement with Meghan, while also blaming her most unpleasant slides on the media. "It has been quite a whirlwind for us and it saddens me that I have believed some of the other interviews I did when the words I never said were taken out of context, so it has been a bit since we spoke," he told the publication.

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December 2017

After Prince Harry referred to royalty as "the family that I suppose [Meghan’s] never had "during an interview on BBC radio, Samantha replied," where else? on Twitter. " Actually, she has a great family that was always there with her and for her. Our house was very normal and when dad and Doria divorced, we all did it so it was as if she had two houses. No one was separated, she was too busy. Read my complete book with data and photos, "he wrote. Meg's family (our family) is complete with her sister, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and the glue of our family, our amazing father completely self-sacrificing. She always had this family, … getting married simply extends her. "

January 2018

In an interview with In contactDespite referring to Meghan as "very well educated and respectful" and "diplomatic" as a child, Samantha hit the beloved mother of her half sister Doria Ragland for "just close[ing] they all left "after their daughter started dating Harry in 2016." In my mind, Doria wanted to run and seal all the hatches. She became very possessive and controlling, "she said, essentially blaming her for distancing, and she also disagreed with the Ralph and Russo dress that Meghan wore in the engagement photo shoot, saying," If you can spend $ 75,000 on a dress, You can spend $ 75,000 on your dad. "

April 2018

Samantha approached Twitter to affirm that the entire Markle family had not yet been invited to the wedding, something with which she naturally felt very offended. "The Markle family is waiting for our wedding invitations, nobody has one yet," he wrote in a tweet. "I'm still waiting, I hope London is wheelchair friendly. He continued: "The issue is not a matter of closeness, since more than 1000 strangers are invited in. Family is family, I have an uncle that I have only seen once, I would never say it is not family because we are not Close. The humanitarian advance with love and kindness especially with the family. And he continued: "Smoke and mirrors can not hide the elephant in the room … Out of respect, tradition and humanism, the #Markles should be invited if 2,000 complete strangers are invited in. Our uncle who got him the internship, brother, me, 30-year-old best friend Nikki Priddy, nephews, done. "

That same month, she urged Prince Harry to "man up" on Twitter, adding: & # 39; Screams & # 39; about humanism, do not work when you allow Meg to ignore the Markles. It is the contradiction. Someone should point out that the 'emperor [sic] does not wear clothes & # 39; & # 39; He also pointed to the show that surrounds the great event itself, tweeting, "For him Royal weddingInstead of dragging the homeless to the outskirts of Windsor, there should be a tented area with steak dinners, music, work bodies and housing representatives, in order to improve their lives. Homeless people are human. Treat them with dignity. Namaste. "

May 2018

On the way to the wedding, Samantha is responsible for organizing paparazzi photos of her father's allegedly sincere. Thomas Markle. "The bad press about my father doing prepared photos is my fault, the media was making him look bad, and I suggested he make positive photos for his benefit and the benefit of the royal family," she wrote. "We had no idea that he would take advantage of him, it was not for money."

Then he told the Daily Mail: "He was not motivated by money," and added: "I have no idea. [if he was paid] but if it had been, it would have been misery. They do not pay much. "Around this time, he also changed his story about the last time he spoke with Meghan, saying that it had only been since 2015 and not 2008, as stated above.

During a heated exchange with Morgan springs in Good Morning Britain, he defended the way he had talked about Meghan: "I think that anyone who understands the English language and looks at what I said would literally realize that I have said beautiful things about [Meghan]. But if there was a behavior or a situation that I questioned, I think I was honest and fair about directing the situation or the behavior and not about it. "

Speaking with TMZ, he made it clear that he would ignore the Palace's wishes to keep his mouth shut. "There is something in this country known as freedom of expression," he told the agency. "[Meghan] he does not have copyright on that and he's not going to tell me that I can not talk about my own life or my father's when it comes to public self-defense because the media is despising us. "That same day he appeared in" Meet the Markles "on Channel 4, admitting that she did not" wait for or demand "an invitation to the wedding.

Days after the wedding, Samantha spoke with The Sun to tear Meghan and Harry apart again, angry now that there was no public statement that she read about Thomas at the wedding he was forced to miss. "I know the day is about Meghan and Harry but, if Charles had been in the hospital with a heart attack, I think there would have been statements in freedom expressing his sadness for not being there," he said. "I watched the bishop talk about love, unity and forgiveness, and I hoped that would affect Meghan, so if that were real and if I had to define a principle for all this, it would be that we all work to achieve it. and a family reunion, I feel a moral and religious obligation to be open to her and not be vengeful, isolating or hurt. "

She was also furious at reports that Thomas would not get a coat of arms, unlike other parents of commoners who marry a royal king. "To exclude him from a coat of arms is really to strip him of an honor and it is a great insult, after a heart attack that would be cruel and isolated," he said before entering the royal family. "The royal family had generations of scandals in their own family, you have consanguinity, you have substance abuse, you have alcohol abuse, you have infidelity, and on what grounds could the members of the royal family feel that the Markles are in some way? worthy? That's the pot that says the kettle is black. "

July 2018

In another Twitter speech, Samantha called Harry "a & # 39; wuss & # 39;" for allowing "the Duchess of nonsense to mistreat all those who have been close to her, especially her family." "Diana would be embarrassed," she continued, before imploring him to stop wearing "Meg's pants and bra and take off your pants!" He also shared a photo of Harry's ex. Cressida Bonassaying, "She looks a lot like Diana, that's the person Harry should have married."

She also pointed to Meghan, also, tweeting: "How about paying homage to your own father? Enough! Act as a humanitarian act as a woman! If our father dies, I'll hold him responsible, Meg! "

August 2018

Sharing a Elle article that said it was rumored that "it was a step away from Meghan and Harry's media", Samantha called it "Cruella Deville" and "Witchy Poo" in separate tweets.

September 2018

At the end of the month, Samantha's publicist. Rob Cooper-Because, of course, for this moment, she would need a publicist- she announced to the world that her client was going to the United Kingdom to try to confront Meghan. "After making numerous private attempts to organize an individual meeting with the Duchess of Sussex to discuss the health of her 74-year-old father, Kensington Palace has refused to respond," he said. tweeted "I am afraid that Meghan is not aware of these discreet attempts and, therefore, making it public is the only option that we have left: I currently have Samantha in Europe with only a short flight away, this does NOT have to be public, we would do it I prefer to keep this private, Samantha will come to the UK this week, like it or not. "

October 2018

After being turned down in London, Samantha sat down for an interview on October 1 with channel 5. Jeremy Vine, where he actually apologized to Meghan, saying: & # 39; I wish things could be different. & # 39; While the host continued to doubt her motivations, she replied, "I wonder how you would feel, is it more insulting for people to respond to feeling ignored and feeling ignored or is it better for everyone to keep saying nothing?" At the beginning, when we speak publicly, I thought we were being honest and even favorable, that fell on deaf ears, and the media turned it into something it was not. "Regarding his insults tweets /" I'm a bit witty, "he said. radio for a while, and I've always been a bit boisterous, but I think I said that at a point that seemed inescapable. "

Three days later, she had again attacked Meghan on Twitter. "You have no idea what's going on behind the scenes, she ignored my father during a heart attack, there's no excuse for that," he shared with a follower. "I would be mentally ill if you think it's okay, maybe it was you who needed the advice."

"She has fantasized about both sides of the family, she needs to earn our trust," he continued. "It's the other way around, you do not shit with a whole family and then you run around crying because you can not trust everyone."

Days later, she was photographed outside Kensington Palace, where she delivered a letter addressed to Meghan before being rejected. Upon returning to his home in Ocala, Florida, he sat down for a satellite interview with DailyMailTV and tried to downplay the photo. "I was not turned down at Kensington Palace, I'm pretty quiet, I'm pretty mature, what all the public and public relations say I was demanding to see my sister? First of all, I'm not that rough and rude, and it just would not show up, "he said. In general, Samantha added that she "is not the kind of person who has rejected" the places.

He also spoke directly to Meghan and said, "We're going to cut all the shit, you're a woman, life is short, I think you have the right thing in your heart to do the right thing, you know dad loves you, you know he's been there for you more than anyone else. [believe] this public monster and the misperception that it is a 'sperm donor father' who tries to get involved suddenly. "

The following week, after the announcement of the baby, Samantha spoke with SunSaying, "It just makes everything that happened in the last year go away, I want Meghan to be happy, calm and at peace, everyone must be positive." However, she was still very offended that the Palace omitted Thomas from the official announcement while mentioning Doria, and said that she hoped it was "not intentional" and that he was "included and at the right time."

"If he is excluded, I will not be happy, it's in the baby's best interest to include my father," he threatened.

Then she talked to DailyMailTV about the pregnancy and said: "Everyone just needs to shut up and let this be a big thing for them, for the world, for the family and that's where I am. One side, Meghan has done some things with my dad, but in my heart, I love her and I want her and the baby to do well. "I was a little overwhelmed with emotion [when I heard] And I just thought, I'm letting everything go. It's beautiful and I'm very excited for Harry too. "

Speaking directly to Meghan and Harry, she issued another apology for the past tension. "I am so excited, so happy for you and I really regret the tension, the confusion, the misunderstandings and the stupid things that I said when I did not understand what was happening and I wanted things to work for my dad," said Samantha. "But this is just a great moment for you and Meg, I love you, congratulations to both of us, let everything go and you two be happy and wonderful parents, I am very happy for you two."

And then, of course, he seemed to fully comply with his word on October 24 when he criticized Meghan's speech at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

"Our father paid for all his education! This speech is not true," he wrote on Twitter.

"Stop enabling!" She continued. "Never reward a lie, no matter how fluffy it is, it's wrong and there's no force on the planet to take this away from my father, I should inspire women with truth and gratitude! [sic] Model gratitude and truth, not lies. "

What will you say next? Stay tuned.

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