"A beautifully designed piece of narcissism"

adminOctober 16, 2018


On his first night of his one-week stay in Brooklyn, Jimmy Kimmel had a question for his audience in New York. "Is Donald Trump also the president here?" He asked. "Well, back in L.A. he is, and it's not going well."

The host of the evening focused on the "sometimes controversial" session of the president in 60 minutes the night before, including the moment when Trump was so frustrated with Leslie Stahl that he said: "I am the president and you are not."

"So lovely," Kimmel said. "I have the feeling that he ends the conversations like that a lot."

But Kimmel was much more excited to talk about another revelation of the 60 minutes episode. During another part of the interview, the CBS cameras captured a strange Trump painting surrounded by former Republican presidents, from Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan to the two Bush.

"This masterpiece is hanging in the White House," the host was amazed, noting that there are only three people alive in the painting and that "two of them hate Donald Trump, the other is Donald Trump."

Andy Thomas, the artist behind "The Republican Club," told The Daily Beast that Trump called him personally to tell him how much he liked the piece. "It was very complimentary," said Thomas. "He made a comment that he had seen many paintings of himself and that he rarely liked them."

"What a beautifully crafted piece of narcissism," Kimmel added. "It's hard to figure out which part of the madness to focus on: the fact that Richard Nixon and Abraham Lincoln in this scenario are friends or the fact that Donald Trump weighs less than 200 pounds in this painting, but suffice it to say that it's not very realistic. "

With that, he showed the public a much more "realistic" painting: Donald Trump playing poker with a dog table.


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