A 22 year old girl killed by a lion escaped from the zoo. What happened to the animal

adminDecember 31, 2018

A 22-year-old woman was killed on Sunday by a lion in a zoo in the United States after the animal escaped from the cage.

Alexandra Black had started working as a trainee at the conservatory center two weeks ago, said Caswell County Sheriff's office in a statement taken over by CBS.

Zoo representatives said they were "making sure a person has lost their lives today."

"While a team led by an experienced caretaker routinely cleaned the pens, one of the lions managed to get out of the closed room, entered the place where the people were and killed a person quickly," it shows in the communication.

"Until this moment it is not known how the lion managed to get out of the cage," said the zoo, adding that the animal did not leave the park's perimeter.

After several unsuccessful attempts to reassure him, the lion was shot dead to allow the authorities to restore the body from the lifeless.

The zoo remains closed until the date it is announced.

The recently killed young Indiana State University.

Her family said in a media statement that she was "a beautiful young woman at the beginning of her career."

"He died after his passion," said family members who asked those who complained about the youth's death to donate to the Wolf Park Research Center in Indiana, where Black also worked as an intern.

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