9 facts about 90 years Tim and Struppi

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Congratulations on the day "Tintin"! 9 facts about the 90th anniversary

Hard to believe: The first adventure "Tim and Struppi" arose already on January 10, 1929 (!!!).

Time to celebrate comics heroes – with nine facts in 90 years with "Tintin".

The first stories were published in a Catholic newspaper

An edition of "Le petit vingtième". picture: wikipedia

The first comics of Belgian Georges Prosper Remi aka Hergé appeared in a youth grant by a Catholic Brussels newspaper called "Le Petit Vingtième". It was only five years later that Casterman, a comic and children's literature specialist publisher, became the publisher. From 1946, the adventures of Hergé's own magazine "Tintin" appeared.

Other countries, other names

"Tintin and Tintin" are not the same in all countries. In English, the numbers are called "Tintin and Snowy", in French "Tintin et Milou". The name of the dog "Milou" goes back to Hergé's first great love at the age of 18. This was called Marie-Louise, but had the nickname Milou.

Speech by name: The comic book Hergé's pseudonym is taken from French pronounced and busy initials RG (Remi Georges).

During World War II, Hergé's stories became shorter

The first comic series was black and white and had a circumference of up to 124 pages. During World War II, Hergé had to limit his stories to 62 pages because of paper shortages. But the comics were colored.

Tim was in front of Neil Armstrong on the moon

Picture of a model of Tintin on the moon. picture: wikipedia

Hergé investigated the possibilities of a moon landing and wrote the story "Steps on the Moon". In 1952, the story was published in its own magazine "Tintin". Only 17 years later, Neil Armstrong managed to set foot on the moon.

A band is prohibited in some countries

In 2007, a Congolese student wanted to have Hergé's cartoon "Tintin in Congo" banned for racism. He argues that Africans are portrayed as stupid, working scales and incompetent. However, a court rejected the claim. Hergé did not want to encourage racial hatred. On the contrary, according to the court, he reflected his idea of ​​Africans in time. However, the band still cannot be sold in any country (including South Africa). The reason for this is the depiction of animal environment.

Hergé did not visit the countries he described before

Although Tintin's adventures take place in distant lands, Hergé never visited the countries before they wrote a comic book. Only later he traveled to the United States and Taiwan. He himself never saw the Congo and the Soviet Union.

The last story was never finished

A total of 24 bands were created. However, Hergé was not able to complete the last with the title "Tim and Alpha Art" before his death. In his will, he decided that no one else was allowed to continue the stories. The incomplete story was then published as a fragment three years after his death.

The comics are among the most expensive in the world

Cover image of "Tintin en Amerique". image: reddit

Hergé would never have dreamed that his front page "Tintin en Amerique", which was drawn in 1932, was auctioned in 2012 for 1.3 million euros.

Drawing "Step on the Moon." picture: hergé / moulinsart 2016

In 2016, the original drawing "Steps on the Moon" was resold for 1.55 million euros. Both comics are among the most expensive in the world.

The duo is also very popular with series and movies

The duo "Tintin" had many cameo shows in various comics and TV series. It can be seen in the "Simpsons" in the episode "Mans and Knifes" or in "South Park" in "Imaginationland Episode III".

In addition, Steven Spielberg asked Hergé in 1983 about the rights to a three-part film adaptation. First part "The Adventures of Tim and Struppi – The Unicorns Secret" came to the cinema in 2011. The second part is still at work.

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Comics show war and human rights violations

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