80 percent of my family is wearing a scarf

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After targeting player Deniz Cakir, the controversy continues.

Akit TV, Deniz Cakir, Mas 6 headwear women chatting at the side table in a cafe that he went to me This is Arabia? What are you traveling here! Ors he said. Deniz Çakır's old photos are published as if they were taken "Intoxicated" The statement was released. The report had not shared any photos of the moment.

After the news, the investigation of Çakır on the increase in public opinion had increased.


Arslan Tekin, the novelist of modern age, "Sea Chak is right" He took a pencil drawing entitled Article Attention.

President Erdogan yesterday, the group meeting, had Deniz Cakir hard words. Arslan Tekin, "Erdogan, yesterday's group meeting, Deniz Cakir has used so hard expression that I was surprised," he said, "I wish R. T. Erdogan had not settled in advance. If the cameras were examined, the witnesses would hear" he said.

Thompson, "80 percent of my very crowded family are wearing gloves. he said.

Arslan Tekin's article is as follows:

See Deniz's full profile, the series player. A known name. There are claims to attack the headshoes and say words without words. It was obviously a discussion.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan It was said that the AK party was told during yesterday's group meeting.

Previously, the charges of a very heavy attack on a woman wearing a drought in Kabatas were discussed. "Tourists had drinks in the mosque." The more accurate the claim, the more accurate the claims that the riders struck up a lady in Kabatas and even threw them down. (He said the mosque's muezzini was not drinkable in the mosque.)

In a shopping center in Istanbul, a place (cafe or restaurant)space & # 39; They keep saying. Every closed space is the place. See Deniz's full profileThey filed a criminal complaint to insult them.

See Deniz's full profile He says the case is not a head child. He says:

"I went with my friends in the room before the people sat in our table and they are uncomfortable with their actions … They made us unconscious unconscious … When we naturally take pictures of each other while we are celebrating with my friends, that means time that we take pictures of their own verbally also plagued and there was a brief discussion between us at this point. The subject did not go out. We sat in the same environment for about 20 minutes. There are cameras in the room, pictures can be examined. I have no worries about this … The discussion, for me, clothes, clothes, turban, head children, such as personal preferences and freedoms, has not been, has not been, can not. However, the people mentioned have shown that they are disturbed by my preferences from the moment they see me … & # 39;

R. T. Erdoğanyesterday's group meeting See Deniz's full profileI used to be so difficult to express that I was surprised:

Going to Saudi Arabia with headgear women in this country is the most miserable aspect of fascism. Come and go to Saudi Arabia this way, come to Saudi Arabia. His name was an artist. No more problems. Whatever you say, it is the CHP mentality that deals with people's lifestyle in this country. & # 39;

The waitress of the cafe they call the venue is the most important witness. she See Deniz's full profile& # 39; S & # 39; Go to Arabia & # 39; He says he didn't say a word.

I do not understand why camera listings are not immediately investigated. (We had another event, a medical prof.u was delayed for over an hour, gently delayed to remind me that we didn't investigate my close, we complained. A tripartite commission was created. They didn't know if they looked at the camera It's been 14 months.

Why is the event extended when the evidence is very easy to find? See Deniz's full profile, & # 39; View the cameras & # 39; He says.

if only R. T. ErdoğanIf he hadn't hurt himself. If the cameras were examined, the witnesses would have listened.

In the mosque drink, a woman in Kabatas fell into the hole in the case.

80 percent of my very crowded family are wearing a hair color. Including living.

The most important thing is not to be a party; research and the right conclusion. "

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