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There are not many things that are qualified to fill the gap between Game of Thrones seasons (not to mention books), but if there is one thing that is a decent chance, there is another George RR Martin adaptation.

enter Nightfly. Based on a novel Martin published back in 1980, the story of a spacecraft crew is commissioned to investigate a strange foreign signal.

Earlier this year, Mashable visited a studio there Nightfly is being filmed in Limerick, Ireland. We talked to the cast and crew, took a tour of (very big, very expensive) and discovered some details about the show.

From the inevitable gots comparisons with George RR Martin involvement, here are some of the most important things we learned …

1. The show will be different from the book.

George RR Martin Nightfly Novella can be large in scope, but lengthy it's only 88 pages. The action is fast, the back story is minimal, and the slope is quite crucial. The TV series's adaptation seems to be a completely different ball game.

"I think all the characters are different from the book," said Eoin Macken, who plays the ship's captain Karl D & Branin for us. "They just used the book as a source material and they changed everything."

This feeling was echoed by most cast and crew we spoke to.

"The ship has a completely different feeling than the novella, which is an old, creaking, different deal," said Bran Byrne, who plays a character that does not even look in the short story. "We are encouraged to take our first script as a starting point, instead of the other source material."

Gretchen Mol, who plays Dr. Agatha Matheson, told us her did read the original story – but it was not very similar to the pilot script she read. Even the characters and their individual focuses, she explained, are different in the show. "There are many things that have surprising twists," Mol said.

Although some characters and plot points remain alike, it seems that Martin's novella has been taken more like a core concept than an exact blueprint – something that showrunner Jeff Buhler has changed and eventually expanded.

2. George R.R. Martin is involved, but not heavy involved.

If any Thrones Fans who read this feel frustrated by the thought of another side project that distracts Martin The Winter of Winter, do not worry. It does not sound like the show takes too much of its time.

"He has had many contacts with Jeff, and they have settled on a number of things," explains producer Sean Ryerson. "I think he's the consciousness that rattles around the ceiling when we do something."

In spite of that, Ryerson emphasized that Martin is not involved in the series on a daily basis. He was part of the first discussions with Buhler, he is listed as an executive producer, and he is available – but he does not write or log on to script.

3. There will not be a space version of Game of Thrones

"In no way, shape or shape, it will fulfill this wish," said Ryerson, when confronted with the idea that some people could tune in expecting a new space-based Thrones. "This is something completely different and George RR Martin has quite a big imagination – and I think he has a big enough imagination to do different things during his career, and this is definitely different than that Game of Thrones. "

Jodie Turner-Smith, who plays a genetically engineered person called Melantha Jhirl, echoes this feeling.

"I'm shy away from being," Oh, that's the next Game of Thrones & # 39;because it's a completely different genre, "she said." If people go into it, expect something Game of Thrones It's not going to be what they get. "

4. … But it seems as if it gets as dark.

While Game of Thrones would probably be best classified as fantasy drama, described Ryerson Nightfly more like psychological horror – a story that sees its characters crumble mentally.

"[The show’s] Genesis is closer to what happens to people's unconscious when they fall apart, "said Ryerson." And how, when you start to fall apart, does it worsen unconsciously, does it accelerate or do you have the strength to fight it? […] Many people in this do not have that strength.

"They really, really wish they had. But it just gets so hard and so scary they collapse."

In short, it sounds like Nightfly want at least one resemblance to Thrones – It will be just as cruel.

"If anything is going to happen [Martin] looking at the square in the face and doing it, "said Ryerson." And I think that's what's happening here too. People are in terrible psychological fear, and he does not look away and makes you go through it. "

You can bet that there are many shots of people at risk from fatalities throughout Nightflyers.

You can bet that there are many shots of people at risk from fatalities throughout Nightflyers.

Picture: Jonathan Hession / Syfy

5. Not all the characters will make it alive.

Ok, actually Nightfly want a different resemblance to Thrones: the deaths. Yes, judging by everything we heard on visited visits – including talking about signs that were frozen and put on fire – it seems quite likely that not everyone will make it through the history unscathed.

Andrew McCarthy, who led two of the show's 10 episodes, largely confirmed this. He spoke of a story that sees the greatest crew meet a new ship, complete with some new characters – and when someone asked about the fate of these new characters, the answer showed its kind of show Nightfly will be.

"You know when you meet someone for just three minutes on the show you go," Ooh dear, "?" He said. "We meet some new people and kill them, I do not know. We've killed a few people, but there are some people who may not be killed."

Everyone who has read Martin's novella knows that the body shape is quite high. We do not know that the performance will follow exactly the same pattern, but rather, it seems fair to say that not being linked to people can be the safest approach.

6. Not all measures will take place on the ship.

Although most of the movie too Nightfly has happened in the Limerick studio – and more specifically inside the giant skeleton of a spacecraft that has been specially built in the room – there will be some scenes taking place elsewhere.

The ship's "memory package" is one of the reasons for this. A new addition to history, this is a room that the characters in history visit to relive concrete memories.

"These things are extremely visual," explains Ryerson. "So D & Branin has the memory of his child and his wife and the way it was when the world fell apart and then we found places here to do it."

The Nightflyers signs spend most of their time caught on board the ship. But there will also be exceptions.

The Nightflyers signs spend most of their time caught on board the ship. But there will also be exceptions.

Picture: Jonathan Hession / Syfy

7. It sounds like everyone has their own personal demons.

Martin's original novella is so short and action-packed, there's little time to get into the characters' back stories. However, the show has much more space to dive into these.

The Branin obsessive thinking about his family is just an example of the various personal demons the ship's residents have to cope with, which is becoming increasingly pronounced, the longer they are limited in the ship. Thale, a telepath aboard the Nightflyer, must handle its own spiral purposes. Royd Eris, the captain of the ship, must fight the difficult relationship he shares with his mother – something actor David Ajala characterized as Eri's own "inner horror".

From the sounds of this is this where most of the show's thrill comes from; When the ship gets closer to the immigration signal, everything is still claustrophobic – and the characters draw even further into their own thoughts.

8. They are hoping that the show will last for a while.

How much money invested in Nightfly It was clear from the minute our trip began. They have not just built a full size spacecraft, but it's not far away – there were large, sprawling corridors, detailed designs and various teams occupied at work throughout epic construction. The investment was ready and Ryerson was even clearer in his response to the suggestion that Syfy and Netflix could hope the show lasts for a while.

"It's a huge investment," he said. "If it does not, ouch! We have invented movies in Limerick, and I think the next five years we will create a huge movie community here.

"We solve resources to train people, get resources for mentorship, universities, etc. We have a very big commitment and a strong feeling we are in order – that we have something that will last."

The Nightflyers set is filled with widespread corridors like this.

The Nightflyers set is filled with widespread corridors like this.

Photo: Sam haysom / mashable

The detail level around the set was quite clear to see.

The detail level around the set was quite clear to see.

Photo: Sam Haysom / mashable

Sometimes it was easy to forget that we were not in an actual spaceship.

Sometimes it was easy to forget that we were not in an actual spaceship.

Photo: Sam Haysom / Masahble

See, there was even racking tough stuff on the table in one room.

See, there was even racking tough stuff on the table in one room.

Photo: Sam haysom / mashable

All 10 episodes of Nightfly will debut on all SYFY platforms that are timed to the beginning of the linear remote control starts December 2nd. Episodes 1-5 will debut Sunday, December 2nd through Thursday, December 6 at 10 / 9c, and episodes 6-10 on Sunday, December 9th through Thursday December 13 at 10 / 9c with limited commercial interruption across all platforms.

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