8 impressive pictures that left 2018 (and how they remember great art stories)

adminDecember 27, 2018

From a protest in Honduras to a car in the room, Kelly Grovier, an art critic of the BBC, selects 8 images that have influenced, inspired or gone virus in the year ending.

1. The art of lying down

On the streets of Honduras Tegucigalpa, a young woman called the world's attention for her way of protesting the re-election of President Juan Orlando Hernández.

Located comfortably on the pavement in front of a number of policemen, head resting on her hand with an expression bordering on boredom or perhaps confusion, the position of the young woman evokes other bags that are iconically relaxed of art history: from the sculpture to "Sleeping Hermaphrodite", from the second century, to "Rest at noon", 1890, painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

2. Space Odyssey


In February, the businessman in the South African origin put Elon Musk in orbit his old car: and the 2008 Tesla Roadster.

The images, which became viral, show a mannequin dressed as an astronaut who seems to drive the car through the room. The pictures showed an overwhelming perspective on the earth.

Our planet, like a distant bullet in the sky, had never been so oddly out of place, since Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch – or Bosco – showed in his famous triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" earth ghostly driving.

3. A lava river in a quiet neighborhood


May 5, the biggest earthquake affected Hawaii in 40 years As a result, lava in the Kilauea volcano erupted with force.

The images of the burning lava that oozes through the streets of the Puna district caused astonishment in the world.

A similar sulfur phenomenon captures the imagination of the eighteenth century in Europe, when the fierce rumen of Mount Vesuvius and its eruption inspired the English painter Joseph Wright, who represented the disaster in a number of works.

4. The G7 Summit


A picture taken at the G7 summit in June managed to capture tensions between US president and his allies by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

In the picture you can see German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom she looks at Trump and is flanked by several world leaders.

The placement of the characters is oddly reminiscent of the composition of the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch "The Conjurer" (1502), where a group of respectable people slowly attracted a magician while the wizard steals scary assets of the crowd.

5. Universal Religion


In an air strike by the Belgian Vincent Kompany during this year's World Cup in Russia, Japanese goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima did some extraordinary acrobatics.

The great body of Kawashima, captured in an exciting picture by Petr David Josek, remembers an unusual portrait of a winged Christ, floating like a hummingbird, over San Francisco while receiving the same wounds that Christ suffered during the crucifixion.

6. Palestinian protests


Faced with a sky covered with smoke and tear gas, a protester traveled a Palestinian flag forward with his right hand and adopted a position as many on social networks compared controversially with "Lto Libertad Guiding the People", by Eugène Delacroix (1830).

But it is the harness that strikes its head with its left hand that places it forever in the old attitude of stone casters dating back to the least to the seventh century BC. C.

7. Robot adjustment


The image of a prosthetic expert who played with the cranial circuits of a robot made by the Engineered Artses company was as captivating as it was disturbing.

The goal of Engineered Arts to deal with lifeless matter "faithful recreation of people in the real world, with a possible precision up to the last pore or the finest of hairs", recalls to the devotion of the mythical Cypriot sculptor Pygmalion, whose passion for a beautiful woman he had bred from the stone, fell the magical fusion of the marble's body into raw meat.

8. Banksy shattered


The blowing of the hammer is still being prepared in the auction house when it works It had just sold $ 1.3 million, "Girl with a Balloon", by the British artist Banksy, began pushing toward the bottom frame to exit below turned into strips before a chorus of expression of surprise.

Shortly after the art world learned that Banksy had designed the joke by placing a crusher hidden in the work frame and making a new one: "Love is in the bag."

The conversion of the romantic image to strips of paper is reminiscent of the famous, noisy face of the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, "Bond of Union" (1956).

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