7 amazing secrets and facts about "Navy CIS: L.A."

adminDecember 26, 2018

2009 was the launch of "Navy CIS: L.A.", the first offshoot of the US hit series "Navy CIS". Since then, much has happened in the series. So Cast 2017 had to say goodbye to actor Miguel José Ferrer († 61), who initially continued to play "Owen Granger" despite his cancer diagnosis.

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LL Cool J in "Navy CIS: LA": Alias ​​Special Agent "Sam Hanna" he pleases the fans

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"Navy CIS: LA": all-rounder LL Cool J

There are also many interesting things about "NCIS L.A." – Star LL Cool J (50) mentioned in the series "Sam Hanna". He is a true all-rounder and successful as a rapper and moderator. He is also very athletic, which allows him to perform most of his stunts himself.

At the top of the video you can find out which deceased action star would speak for the role of "Special Agent G. Callen", as well as other exciting facts about "Navy CIS: LA". Then one of the players with the Hollywood star George Clooney 57) is used.

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