50 Cent buys 200 tickets for the next Ja Rule show to make sure the seats are empty

adminOctober 28, 2018

The 50 Cent inclination for pettiness has no limits.

On Friday, Fif decided to take another hit at the low ticket prices for the next Ja Rule show on November 9, supposedly buying 200 tickets, so the seats would be empty.

"People think I'm bad, so go see this." $ 15 dollars await what I do now LOL, "he wrote on Instagram, along with a photo deleted since then of the tickets that are being sold in Groupon.

He then commented on the publication, revealing the amount of tickets he bought: "I just bought 200 seats on the front so they can be empty.

Since then, Fif published two photos with photoshop on Instagram of how the crowd would look on Ja's show, now that Fif bought so many tickets.

"LOL, damn boy, you've done a great show, get the leash," he wrote in the first post, followed by, "What a show, I mean, fucking cool, do it again, my son went to the bathroom.

The two natives of Queens have been working for years, and still shoot through social networks.

In September, Ja shared with his fans that he had to cancel a program in Syracuse, New York. "I, Syracuse, I just said that the program has been canceled," he said in a video. "I'm sorry, I've been trying to get there all day, I love you all, we're going to reschedule the show, I'm leaving the airport now, man.

Then, Fif had the chance to make a troll of Ja saying that no one was going to show up anyway. "Only 10 tickets were sold, nobody wants to see that shit, speaking of waiting, we have a lot of people on the walk." Get out of here, "he wrote as a legend on Instagram, and ended with his distinctive message:" Put on your leash. "

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