5 Superstars who could beat Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman in a "shoot fight"

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Braun Strowman (left) and Drew McIntyre (center) are undoubtedly dangerous men to take on a fight, but a selection of special WWE Superstars can beat them in one
Braun Strowman (left) and Drew McIntyre (
) are utterly dangerous men to take on a fight, but a selection of special WWE Superstars can beat them in a "shootout"

Penning this down, or in my case, as I punch the keys on my keyboard, I have now begun to realize that more than a good percentage of fans can be a little tough for what I intend to convey through this article.

So, I'd like to be crystal clear when we start!

Witnessing a funny argument between some of my friends about which current WWE Superstar who could beat Brock Lesnar in a "real match" made me think of two other top stars on WWE's RAW brand today – Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman – and what artists from the current WWE roster could defeat them in a "real match"!

A real match or a "shoot fight" that we refer to in the world of professional wrestling does not really have any specific rules. In fact, it's nothing more than a glorified street fight, which can be much more brutal than a fight / battle that takes place in a professional martial arts position such as boxing or MMA.

(* Warning: The content mentioned in this article refers strictly to a hypothetical unarmed one-to-one combat situation between the superstars mentioned – and does not intend to glorify undamaged shooting matches) After competing in the martial arts world for several years, I think that there are a few unwritten rules that make the code of honor even in a street / shooting situation – some important rules are that eye snoring, sniper shots and weapons are not allowed.

Now that we have established the rules for our hypothetical discussion, I must note that the following analysis has been prepared after extensive observation of Superstar's strength and conditioning levels, battle history, age, size, etc.

# 5 Bobby Lashley could use his amateur break and MMA experience to take this fight against the ground and win

Bobby Lashley is one of the biggest athletes ever performing in WWE
Bobby Lashley is one of the biggest athletes ever performing in WWE

Bobby Lashley is perhaps one of the most underrated professional switches of all time. In addition, in MMA, victory over Jason Guida, Bob Sapp (Sapp was still a bit dangerous) and Wes Sims, "The All Mighty" has a 15-year MMA record and 2 losses.

Lashley lost special unanimous decision to James Thompson on SFL 3 on May 6, 2012 in New Delhi, India but brutally avenged his loss by destroying Thompson via TKO (Technical Knockout) at Bellator 145 on November 6, 2015!

Against Braun Strowman: Lashley was an excellent amateur breaker in his younger days, and greatly improved his striking when he started competing in MMA. By the evidence, all signs indicate that Lashley uses his long jab to keep Strowman in a long reach, picking him apart on his feet with proper blows and some standing elbows.

Against Drew McIntyre: Against Strowman, Lashley would probably avoid grabbing, because Monster Among Men is quite powerful in static exchanges – something that is clear because of Strowman's story of being a successful pro power promise.

However, against Drew McIntyre, Lashley would have a much easier time into grappling exchange. But on the feet, McIntyre could prove to be a pest to handle, because of his long arms.

We do not have accurate measurements of the McIntyre's arms reach, but Lashley is smart and he will avoid kidding on with the longer guy. Instead, Lashley will distract him with some jabs and feints before shooting for a takedown, and strikes McIntyre with ground-and-pound (ground strikes) …

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