5 new movies and Netflix series to still look in 2018

adminDecember 31, 2018

The last year was a big issue on Netflix. Movies, series and documentaries, original or otherwise, provided hours of entertainment in front of the screen. There are still some Netflix movies and series that are still in time to see in 2018.

5 new movies and Netflix series to still look in 2018

Bird Box – Blind

Bird Box is already one of Netflix's greatest successes. The movie's service catalog is not one of the most appealing, but this movie has won over the audience, with Sandra Bullock taking the lead role.

The story revolves around a threatening and invisible force that drove much of society to suicide. After five years, a survivor and her two children try to get to a safe, blind place.

Black mirror: Bandersnatch

Black mirror, the series, is one of the most popular and depicts the most frightening technology can create in the future. In this series, there are episodes that look like real movies, not just by the time they take, but in closed form as it presents each one of them.

Now, in a supposed way, Black Miror passes the movie. Black mirror: Bandersnatch, assuming as a complex story with several endings: In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality while trying to adapt a black romance to a video game.


You you) just came to Netflix in a 10 episode series. It tells the story of Joe Goldberg, a brilliant, computational leader in a bookstore, obsessed with an aspiring author. Throughout the episodes, he begins to strategically eliminate all the obstacles that separate him.

election day

With the whole world against them, Manju and Radha are preparing for one of the greatest battles in their lives. The accumulation of excitement that is right for adolescence and the election day election forces Manju to choose between what everyone expects of him and what he really wants.

The Netflix series has a season of 6 episodes, with about 20 ~ 30 minutes.

Nothing to hide

To "spice up" a dinner with old friends, everyone agrees to share messages they receive on cell phones … and the results are disastrous.

Is it a game to replicate with your friends on New Year's Eve?

See complete trailer.

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