46 year old model found dead in Sydney

adminJanuary 9, 2019

She was the face of brands like Nivea, Levi and Toyota. Now it's Annalize Braakensian death. The model was only 46 years old.

Her fans on Facebook were surprised at why it had become so quiet around Annalize Braakensiek lately. And even friends and family had not heard anything from the Australian model for several days, as reported by "news.com.au". They had tried failed to contact the 46-year-old. Worried, they then informed the police. They sent a patrol car to their apartment in Potts Point, Australia.

No "suspicious circumstances"

However, only death of the model can be determined on the spot. What Annalize Braakensiek has died of is not yet known. "Suspicion of circumstances" should not have existed, as reported by "Yahoo7 News". Nevertheless, an autopsy should now provide clarity. The police have taken the investigation to the cause.

In recent years, the Australian has announced that she is struggling with depression. That her life wasn't always pink, she also shared with her fans via Instagram. "Going, it was a challenging year for so many of us – am I right?" She wrote in December for a black and white image.

Only last year, the 46-year-old divorced from her husband, stockbroker Danny Goldberg, after 16 years of marriage. At that time she did not reveal why the relationship broke up.

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Everything seems to be twisted and upside down at the moment … on what I am? Life's challenges have been deep, dark, difficult, demanding and down, scary lately. For me and so many others I know. But today it is a new day! 🌈🦋 and I have had some of the best jobs, travels and experiences in my life this year that I am so grateful for. So, here is happiness and light, endless possibilities and new beginnings! 💫👌🦄🌼✨☀️🔥 I just bought my own little beautiful room! Out of my beloved Bondi 💔 (who has been home since I first moved to Sydney as a young teenager), but into a new, beautiful area. New beginnings in every way, while doing my best to think, keep letting go of what doesn't serve me or my higher self-well. Sheesh it is hard work, just like practicing yoga and headstands! Im ime ime ime ime ime ime 💫🌙 💫🌙 💫🌙💫🌙💫🌙💫🌙💫🌙 …. bring in 2019 already i say! Thank you though though though though this though this made this this. I can't tell you everything, but you know who you are. I love you beyond. Thanks for all your supportive beautiful people who follow and support me via SM as well. I know you can't judge yourself with "likes," but they are a lot, especially from my distant friends and family. Sorry, I have resources to post as usual. And design jewelry. Make art. Cook @annalisewithlovelunch delicious healthy #glutenfree #meatfree meals, helloooo rooftop party here we come!) And laugh and love more than ever. Hell yasssss !!!!! But please know that every bit of support is deeply felt and appreciated, so obrigadaaaaaaa 🙏🏼😻😘 gracias. Grace Mille. Arigato. Thank you so much 🙏🏼 #yoga mega inspiration and picture of the beautiful @nude_yogagirl #magical day your way 😘😘😘 #ruok #checkin #support #love

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But the model had taken a new way of life, among other things bought a new home. "I know it's good for me, and finally, all the pain and difficult times will be a blessing." Not even four weeks later, Annalize is dead.

The sudden death of the model is a shock to many, for family and friends, he came as a surprise. "I spoke to Annalize on Wednesday night and I thought she sounded good," recalls Adriana Dib in an interview with news.com.au. "I wasn't worried at all, we were talking about the year and all the wonderful things we could do and accomplish."

Note: If you think a lot about your own death or worry about a fellow man, you will find help here immediately and anonymously.

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