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Nelson, Murdock and Page meet in a return to the form to RecklessS third season.
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Reckless He made his big comeback last weekend, setting Matt Murdock against his great first season nemesis, the Kingpin, in a battle for Matt's soul. In general, it is a season that addresses the familiar. Reckless themes of rights and errors of vigilantism, but here are some things in particular that we liked and did not like.

We liked that …

Lovely blanket though.
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Matt broke down completely and rebuilt

One of the "joys" of Daredevil as a character is that, on the page and on the screen, it is almost comically miserable. If it's literally everything that has happened to Matt in comics or seemingly endless Catholic guilt, Matt Murdock almost suffers. This is something RecklessThe third season is treated a lot, since it continues from The defendersThe culminating act of literally knocking down an entire building over him, but he does it in a way that not only minimizes that misery for some great moments, but also leaves Matt in a way that feels at least considerably happier than from the show . it started.

On the misery front, the second episode of the season, "Please", is an absolute highlight of Matt at its lowest point. You struggle physically with the side effects of the whole "a building collapsed on him" issue at the same time that you question your harrowing relationship with your faith: it draws an impressive performance of both Charlie Cox and Matt and Peter McRobbie as Father Lantom. But it is an internal conflict that comes to simmer at all RecklessThe third season, which finally culminated with Matt's new showdown of Kingpin, a battle that leaves him closer to Karen and Foggy, and tries to have a semblance of life outside of being the Devil's Kitchen of Hell. Now that you're really interested in your comic subtitle of Man Without Fear, it's probably not going to last, this is After all, we are talking about reckless, but it seemed a worthy narrative, tying elements that have persisted in the growth of Matt since the first season.

The flashbacks of the tumultuous life of Karen's past serve as an emotional backbone for her bow this season.
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Karen managed to play a huge and tragic role (without dying)

Karen has gone through the squeegee in the last three seasons of Reckless, to be framed for murder, to commit it. Most of his time in the series of shows and companions. The PunisherIt is spent trying to discover truths and not be killed. But the third season finally deepened in his past and gave some realism to his journalistic history.

It may seem strange that the murder of Karen of the best friend of Fisk, James Wesley, was completely discovered for so long, but the revelation was used with great success here. Especially when you consider his background story that included a young man with problems in Vermont selling (and doing) drugs and trying to keep his family's restaurant afloat. Everything tragically reached a critical point one night after Karen's brother tried to take her away from her drug-trafficking boyfriend. The fight that followed had Karen using her boyfriend's gun to shoot him and save his brother, only to finish even Plus terribly. While running away from the scene, Karen, drunk and drugged, crashes the car and kills her brother in the process. The police and her father helped cover up her part in all this so she would not go to jail, but it was the breakup that would always ruin her relationship with her father. Now think again about the first season and your conversation with Wesley after he kidnapped her. He says: "Do you really think I would put a loaded gun on the table where you could reach it?" To which Karen responds: "I do not." You know, do you really think this is the first time I shot someone?

"The Devil You Know" had a wild fight between Daredevil and Fauxdevil, but that was not what will stay with us in that episode. Rather, it was the Fauxdevil murder of almost all of Karen's colleagues. We're not sure when the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthat scene came up, but it's very close to the real-world shots at the Capital Gazette earlier this year. Karen's foray into journalism was never quite right with us, but her perseverance to discover the truth despite what happened at her workplace sounded true, and Deborah Ann Woll gave the performance the weight it deserved. (The scene with all the cell phones in the evidence bags destroyed us completely). Despite all the danger that ran at this time, it was a relief that the series did not feel the need to follow the story of Karen's comic. and kill her too.

The biggest fights in season 3 are some of RecklessIt's the best, complete stop.
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The combat scenes were striking Y Driven by character

RecklessThe action has only improved as the show has evolved, but for the whole fantastic show of the season 2 fights, some of the symbolic sparks driven by the story were missing that made the first season's fighting scenes so convincing in the first. place. Two fights in particular are those that stand out most in season 3 (although, he shouts at the very cool Daredevil / Fauxdevil fight between Matt and Dex in "The Devil You Know"). The first is the traditional single shot shot of a "fight in the hall" that occurred in episode 4, "Blinded." It's an arduous and visceral job, since Matt tries to escape from a jail trap, courtesy of Fisk that is so fascinating to watch as to exhaust even understand, a sequence (11 minutes long!) That truly exemplifies courage and determination Matt Daredevil does, for the realization of Fisk himself.

The other is three-way scrap, less immaculate but equally heavy, between Fisk, Matt and Poindexter, not only because of the agitated and disordered vibration that occurs in the fight to have three very different characters with different motivations that pile up ( talking about things being bulky, Oh, Dex's backbone), but because of how it ultimately leads to the crisis of faith in Matt's struggle over whether or not he can end Kingpin's life as a redemptive act. We have always loved RecklessThe sand, but it was nice to see that the sand served a little more than just flashy movements again.

The story of Bullseye's origin creates a fearsome new antagonist for Man without fear.
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The target has a creepy and convincing origin

If his only familiarity with the villain of Marvel Comics came from the 2003 film starring Colin Farrell as Bullseye, this was … uh … not that. Thank God.

Our Captain America, Wilson Bethel, could have played against Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter, an FBI agent who easily gets carried away to the dark side by Fisk's charm. Why? It was already dark. super Dark. In a revealing flashback episode we discovered three very important things: 1) Dex started killing at a very young age; 2) has a very precise goal; and 3) his psychiatrist was his anchor. And then she died!

While the configuration of the scene simulated the scene rubbed us in the wrong way, it was an interesting change in the rhythm of the series that gave us a very clear vision of what drove this character. Sure, he was a cop, but only until they left him too, letting Fisk fill that hole to structure his life. We do not think this is one of those stories of "the bad guy can be redeemed," his insistence that he was not harassing Julie was laughable, but an interesting reflection on how close heroes and villains sometimes sit.

We did not like that …

Ray Nadeem was good, but he did not deserve to have to compete for bars similar to Dex.
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The catastrophe of agent Nadeem was not enough land

Two FBI agents have an important role in Kingpin's grand plans: the aforementioned Poindexter / Bullseye and poor agent Ray Nadeem, who finds his life slowly destroyed from the outside by Fisk's machinations.

Jay Ali does an excellent job on paper, and Nadeem is probably the best the MCU / Netflix universe has had so far, in a takeover of a law enforcement authority that helps our vigilante hero. But in a season that was already paying close attention to Fisk's quick corruption of Disk, adding Nadeem's own thrust under Fisk's thumb felt like a repetition, even if Nadeem could at least redeem himself before his untimely death. . delivering the evidence that would finally return Kingpin to prison. If Bullseye was no longer such an important part of season 3, Nadeem would have been a convincing ally turned into an ally turned into an antagonist, but at his side it seems a too unnecessary duality.

Kingpin's plans are too well connected, until suddenly they are not.
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The total control of Kingpin is a bit too convenient

Speaking of Fisk, we know he is destined to be a criminal mastermind, but his increasingly elaborate plan to carry out revenge on Daredevil feels a little as well Mastermind-and for your own good. Even if Fisk has had a lot of time in prison to cook and plot, the immediacy with which he manages to attract people under his influence, to disarm Matt's life piece by piece, is more like the unstoppable march of the plot that dictate the action. so Fisk's sinister plans were positioned as they did in season 1. Especially when it comes to unexpected elements such as the arrival of Dex on the scene and the increasing participation of Vanessa in the criminal activities of Fisk. Of course, it's the latter that finally seals the deal to get Fisk back in jail, when Matt reveals that he knows that Vanessa hired Nadeem instead of Fisk, but apart from that weak point, everything else could sometimes feel a little bad as well Slick in favor of Fisk.

I'm voting for Let Foggy Do Something 2020.
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Foggy Still feels like a third wheel

Oh, fog. You're great! But you're pretty boring, everything said. This season he tried to fill Foggy's dance card a bit, letting us see more of his family, his romantic relationship and his career, but none of that really made much of an impact. And when you compare his season with Karen's, there's no comparison. His career for the District Attorney could have put him in a much more interesting position for next season (if he even is A next season, given the sudden ends of both. Luke Cage Y Iron fist recently), but even that vanished after barely gaining traction. Foggy needs one thing. Let him have one thing! And do not say it's Matt.

Stock Photo: Netflix

There were some weird little fixes that we could not let slip

Look. This is superhero television. There is a certain amount of handwaving allowed. But, after having seen a lot of superhero television, there are still some things that make us use side-view tactics to advance a plot. This time, there were some:

  • Do you know how upset Matt was about Elektra's death at the start of the season? How much moaning Did he do it about it? He simply … went ahead. To be fair, it took some episodes of complaints, but once he had Fisk in his brain, Elektra and those strange events at Midland Circle were completely forgotten. Whatever is. We are sure that she is well.
  • Sister Maggie was great. The dry delivery of Joanne Whalley was everything. Someone who tells Matt that he is being an idiot is always welcome. That's why it was so strange when Sister Maggie prayed out loud her big confession: that she's Matt's mother. Not only did he do this out loud, he did it after previously establishing that Matt can literally hear everything that happens in the church above him. Ok, mom.
  • Living in New York City is not cheap! Some people have the mistaken impression that employers here give a salary for cost of living compared to the same job elsewhere. You'd be wrong. That's why it was so strange to discover that Karen-I-m-a-Low-Level-Reporter's page covered Matt & # 39; s Kitchen's rent for months. You do not even have a roommate in your own apartment, you tell me you're carrying two Does New York rent the salary of a journalist? This is perhaps the most amazing thing in any of the Marvel Netflix superhero shows. And we know Iron fist The first season exists!


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