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The members of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) are safe for now, but another favorite character of the fans is not so lucky.

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At the beginning of the Living Dead Comic series by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, something unthinkable happens to Rick Grimes: he loses a hand.

For years, readers of the comics have waited to see if such an incident would happen on television in the drama of AMC. So far, no dice, although the last episode of the series offered a consolation: the death of the hand of another favorite character of the fans in the form of Aaron, played by Ross Marquand.

In "The Bridge", Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and other members of the communities under his leadership work together to restore a bridge, in order to facilitate communication and relationships between all disparate groups of survivors. Among the project workers: Aaron, whose arm is severely injured when he is trapped by the wood in an accident. With little time to act and only with Enid (Katelyn Nacon), a doctor in training, at hand, the decision is made to cut Aaron's arm under the elbow.

Aaron is certainly not the first Living Dead regular series to suffer non-fatal dismemberment; in fact, the late Hershel of Scott Wilson lost a leg at the beginning of the third season. But the loss of a hand, combined with Aaron's new bearded aesthetic for season nine, is reminiscent of images of Rick's similar injury in the comics on which the television show is based.

"We decided at this point in the story of Aaron losing his arm before I realized what Rick's comic book looks like," says leader Angela Kang. The Hollywood Reporter. "That part was just a crazy accident!"

In the comics, Rick loses his hand during his first meeting with the Governor, played in the AMC series by David Morrissey. Affable enough at first, the Governor's true colors emerge shortly after Rick arrives in Woodbury, greeting the future leader of Alexandria with a machete in his hand. For much of the comic book series, Rick's arm looks like this:

According to Kang, Living Dead The writers room has always been interested in cutting the hand of a character. "We never did it with Rick, for various reasons," he says, "but we always thought there was so much opportunity to tell stories here."

"We loved the idea that someone who started the apocalypse without a physical disability now has to learn to navigate that," he continues. "The way you can overcome something like that … it was like a story that would work very well for Aaron."

How did Marquand respond to the news of Aaron's disability? With great enthusiasm, according to Kang: "Ross is a wonderful actor and such a big soldier, and when I told him that we were going to cut off Aaron's arm, he was very depressed." [for it]. "

"It gives us the opportunity to grow that character and give it new challenges and obstacles," he says of how development will impact Aaron's future. "For us, one of the most hopeful aspects of the show is that people are knocked down and get up again, and they discover how to move on, they discover how to overcome the things that are a challenge to their survival. really interesting texture to his character this season. "

Will Aaron's severed limb satisfy the blood thirst of fans who want to see Rick finally lose his hand? Maybe not, and maybe those fans still have to "look" at Rick waiting, given the hero's next departure. With the limited time remaining on the clock, it is entirely possible that Aaron's accident is setting the stage for an even more iconic (and even more faithful) pull of the comics.

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