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adminDecember 27, 2018

Instagram tests a new way of displaying images in user feeds. For this, it is updated to the application installed on smartphones, which replaces the traditional method of pulling up and down (& # 39; scroll & # 39;) for a lateral motion (& # 39; swipe & # 39;) as already happens in Installer. There were many complaints about this new way of working with Instagram, and as Business Insider says, the social network says, "This should be a small test, but it was bigger than we expected."

[Foi no Twitter que Adam Mosseri, responsável do Instagram, assumiu o erro, em resposta a um dos muitos posts a criticar a medida e que mostram a nova forma de navegação]

For now, and according to TechCrunch, who had already reported this feature in October, there is only one test done by the company owned by Facebook, only with some users who started receiving this Thursday an automatic app update warning. The same publication, responsible for Instagram, said it was "a mistake [erro informático]"Users who have received this update will search the same way they could today.

The image shown to those who receive this update

At the same time, Instagram stated in October that this feature is part of the tests that the social network is constantly doing to "improve the user experience". This new way of interacting with the app will make it easier to navigate the social network with one hand, but there are several users already showing discontent with this update. It is possible that Instagram will not release or test this new update in the future.

[No Twitter, vários utilizadores criticaram a atualização ou brincam com a situação]

The observer asked for more information from Facebook and Instagram this afternoon, but so far he has not received a reply.

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