& # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39; does not rule out Carol and Daryl Romance

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The Walking Dead Season Nine became official of & # 39; Carzekiel & # 39 ;, but there could be hope for the chargers of & # 39; Caryl & # 39; waiting for a romantic development between longtime friends Carol and Daryl.

"You never know, you know?" Said star Melissa McBride. ET of a possible coupling between his Carol and his "pookie", a.k.a. Daryl Dixon's best friend. For now, McBride loves whatever form the pairing takes.

"I love how they have each other's backs, I love their relationship, whatever it is, I love their relationship," he said. "Fans can expect more scenes from Daryl and Carol."

Despite having stood firm with the eccentric leader of Khary Payton in the Ezekiel Kingdom, who proposed to Carol the premiere of Season Nine after releasing "I love you," a group of fans continue to ask that the friendship of Carol and Daryl during all year long blossom into a romance.

"I think a lot of people are, actually," said Daryl Dixon star Norman Reedus. "It's like I get it everywhere."

Carol and Daryl shared a sweet moment in the first game of the season when Daryl was surprised to learn that Carol offered him a ring and told him he deserves the happiness he has found with the "cheesy" king.

"I think he's a bit corny, but you know, if she's happy, I'm happy, I think it's a true mature way of being," Reedus said of Daryl, who will continue to be his this season and grow as a character. .

"We've seen Daryl become a mature person." He used to do everything this way: "What are you looking at?" Now he's a kind of honest, straightforward person who looks you in the eye. "

McBride added that the flirtation of Carol and Ezequiel in a full-blown romance is "interesting" and "totally feasible" after the 18-month time gap that makes survivors prosper in peace after the defeat of the ousted leader of the Savior Negan. (Jeffrey Dean Morgan Morgan) The hands of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

"They're very different, they have the roles in common and these little survival tactics in common, but they're very different, a nice yin-yang," McBride said of Carol and Ezekiel. "I'm a little excited to see her open up to maybe experience a bit of romance."

Showrunner Angela Kang, expanding the new romance with Rotten tomatoessaid Daryl is "genuinely happy" for Carol's love affair.

"I think this is one of the deepest relationships we have in the program, it's a relationship between these two people who are so damaged in some way in their previous lives, before the apocalypse, and who have come so close together. He relies on people very easily, the idea of ​​being in a romantic relationship for any of them is not easy, we have not seen any of that for Daryl, "Kang said.

"What I will say is that these are characters who have come a long way, who have had long histories, people who bemoan a certain couple or whatever, remember that we are counting a long and serialized arc, stories unfold and the stories change and things move in. What we do know is that Carol and Daryl, whether romantic or not, are soulmates, they needed to find each other in this apocalypse, and both are stronger because they are together. "


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