& # 39; The Middle & # 39; Spinoff Starring Eden Sher does not advance on ABC

adminNovember 22, 2018

Unfortunately, Sue Heck's losing streak continues. Eden Sher: who played the unfortunate middle child in the favorite comedy Half – filmed a pilot episode for a possible derivative series, but on Wednesday, November 21, ABC revealed that it will not advance with the project, according to Variety.

Since then Half He finished his nine-season career in May, there was talk of a derivative show. Sher's character in Sue seemed the most likely option to base a new series, since he had almost finished college and had his whole life ahead of him. In addition, Sue's extravagance and optimism made her a fan favorite, so there was already an integrated audience.

In August, ABC officially announced that a pilot for a Medium the split was being commissioned. The creators of the original series, Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline, were going to produce the program in an executive manner and also write the script for the first episode. The comedy of a single camera, which received the title. Sue Sue in the city– I would follow the adorkable young woman as she left her family's home in Orson, Indiana, to accept a job in the hospitality industry in Chicago, Illinois.

The inquisitor He previously reported on the pilot's recordings in early October and some of the actors who played Sher's co-stars, including Brock Ciarlelli as Sue Brad Bottig's BFF, a character who originated in HalfY SMILFKimberley Crossman is a chef named Remi who works at the same hotel as Sue.

Later it was reported that Saturday night live the student Finesse Mitchell was going to represent a bartender in the pilot and Silicon Valley The star Chris Diamantopoulos would play Sue's boss and the hotel owner, TV line.

While the plot and the cast made Sue Sue in the city It seems that it could be a great television program, it seems that it was not meant to be, or is there still hope?

"I heard that the project could be bought when producing the Warner Bros. TV studio," he wrote. Deadline The writer Nellie Andreeva while covering the ABC pass in the project.

Neither Sher nor any of the other stars that filmed the pilot have commented on social networks about the sad decision of ABC.

Meanwhile, Variety He said that the main networks are now beginning to make decisions about the television season from 2019 to 2020, so TV fans can expect good and bad news about their favorite shows and actors in the coming weeks.

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