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The Conner family has to adapt to life without Roseanne. "The Conners" is already doing it.

The ABC comedy (Tuesday, 8 EDT / PDT, ★★★ out of four), a result derived from the ashes of the May cancellation of resurgence "Roseanne", lacks a major asset, the series of the same name Roseanne Barr, along with the sharp, controversial political bite (and public relations headaches) that characterized his return last spring as a conservative president who supports Trump.

However, it is better than might be expected after an emergency star ectomy. "The Conners" retains much of the best of the original classic, sarcasm, blue-necked grain, current affairs and emotion without complications, as it evolves into a more traditional family comedy, one that still focuses on the often neglected. working class.

ABC screened two episodes for television critics: the premiere on Tuesday, which immediately addresses the absence of the matriarch Roseanne Conner (we can not say how it comes out), although co-star John Goodman accidentally missed an interview that died, and a later episode , with a special appearance by Johnny Galecki as Darlene's ex-husband (Sara Gilbert), the daughter of the Conners.

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The veterans of & # 39; Roseanne & # 39 ;, Lecy Goranson, on the left, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert are back for the split of Roseanne Barr-less, of the legendary comedy, & # 39; The Conners & # 39; . (Photo: Eric McCandless, ABC)

Not surprisingly, the split, which shares much of the cast and crew of "Roseanne," has a familiar look and feel. The scene is still the very worn home of the Conners with financial difficulties, and that couch in disrepair is never going anywhere. There is sadness, seriousness, but still a lot of laughter, some out loud.

Barr's departure, however, has changed the center of gravity, and Danman, of Gilman, and Darlene of Goodman, assume major roles in his absence. Goodman can clinch Dan, initially fighting without his best friend and wife, with an additional dose of gravitas. Gilbert shines, while Darlene continues her mother's tradition of diminishing sarcasm while revealing an occasional view of vulnerability that signifies emotional strength, not weakness. She misses her mother, but Darlene, the mother of two children, must fill her shoes.

As Darlene's older sister, Becky (Lecy Goranson), rightly says: "You're the obvious choice to take care of mom, you already live here and you're a scary little tyrant."

"The Conners" obviously misses Barr's insightful comic perspective, delivered in a characteristic flat twist and marked by a devastating cackle. But the new show seems like it can survive without her, since "Roseanne" really was a strong ensemble comedy, with well-honed, recognizable and beloved supporting characters after her initial nine-season career (1988-1997) and resurgence. of this year.

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DJ. (Michael Fishman), on the left, talks to his wife, the returning military veteran, Geena (Maya Lynne Robinson), while her daughter Mary (Jayden Rey) listens to ABC's "The Conners." (Photo: Eric McCandless, ABC)

Laurie Metcalf, a wonderful actress, imbues Roseanne's sister, Jackie, with a touching and hilarious feeling of confusion, while her yin sister disappears. Who will she fight with now?

DJ. (Michael Fishman), Conner's younger brother, still lives mainly on the periphery, but his role can be reinforced by the return of his wife, Geena (Maya Lynne Robinson), who was in the Army in Afghanistan last season.

Geena, who attends church and who brings a buttoned-up military discipline, abandons the loss of Roseanne's defiant voice and appears to be a worthy rival to the messy, barely pious Conners, but comes from a different variety of conservatism in the form of that defies Conner's lax home.

The only failures come from the guest stars. The new twin soul of David (Juliette Lewis) is too exaggerated as a meaningless hippie, and Darlene's new potential love interest (Justin Long) arrives just at the right moment as if ordered by Amazon.

"The Conners" faces real-world challenges, one of the most appealing features of "Roseanne," in stories about the costs of health care, addiction, teen sex and divorce.

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Even though Roseanne is gone, the Conner family is still crowded with family and friends in the ABC comedy series, "The Conners". (Photo: Eric McCandless, ABC)

But with Barr's departure, the new comedy largely avoids the conservative-liberal battles of its predecessor, and it's probably best not to try to replace its unique perspective. He makes no effort to find a substitute for Roseanne's position as an ardent supporter of President Trump, which will likely upset many fans.

But others may now want to join the Conners, whose strong insults are softened by an underlying love, as they still gather around the kitchen table. It will not be a cultural phenomenon without the woman being once in the center, but it is probably a comfortable and pleasant place to sit down to eat.