& # 39; See you, 2018! & # 39 ;. Cláudia Vieira ends the year in paradise

adminDecember 30, 2018

CVieira Vieira would say goodbye to 2018 with dives and caipirinha in hand. Like Cristina Ferreira and Carolina Patrocínio, she "escaped" the Portuguese cold and finds herself enjoying some Brazilian summer days.

The actor packed his bags and is already in Cumbuco, Brazil, with her daughter Maria and her friend Gabriela Pinheiro. And it was between crystal clear water, long sand and palm trees, which shared with the fans their balance this year.

"Almost completing the year 2018 and everything to make a balance of the same … The suggestion I leave is that they take advantage of these last few hours and reserve some time for yourself and Think about what made you feel good, what needs to be changed, the direction you want to give your life … I want to do the same. Be happy", he reads.

Click on the gallery and see some of the moments that the actor shared in what is a real paradise.

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