& # 39; Orange is the New Black & # 39; and & # 39; House of Cards & # 39; laid the foundation for the success of Netflix

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Netflix confirmed on Wednesday that the next seventh season of "Orange is the New Black" will be the final, an announcement that takes place a few weeks before "House of Cards" begins its final season. While the circumstances are quite different, the latter had his life cut short by the scandal involving the star Kevin Spacey, which led to his departure. The fact that such a double loss is just a signal is a signal of the extent to which the transmission service has arrived. Come in a relatively short time.
As it happens, the news of "Orange" came after Netflix revealed that it had added 7 million subscribers during the last quarter, which raised its global figure to 137 million. Earlier this year, the company broke HBO's stranglehold on the Emmy Awards, first at the end of its 21st century streak as the most nominated network, and then in terms of overall awards.
& # 39; House of cards & # 39;

In particular, that milestone occurred without the help of the one-time nominees "House of Cards", which was not issued during the eligibility window; and "Orange", who did it, but after having lost several steps creatively, he did not get much recognition.

However, other programs filled the gap, since Netflix has added series at a dizzying pace. In fact, HBO, the long-time prize leader, actually characterized himself as a brave loser, citing the large volume of contenders that Netflix generated as evidence of HBO's qualitative advantage.

It's almost hard to imagine now, but at the time of its debut, "House of Cards" was considered a huge bet for Netflix. The service, which at that time had 33 million subscribers, committed to two seasons of 13 episodes, at a reported total cost of $ 100 million. Today, that would be a small fraction of your multi-million dollar budget, covering hundreds of original or purchased programs.

Netflix will always have a considerable debt to these two programs (since, in fact, there will be transmitters like Amazon and Hulu), which helped to demonstrate, to the public and, what is the same, to the talents of Hollywood and its guardians, that the service It was a viable destination for premium series and marquee names.

However, when the two standouts in the first-year class of Netflix & # 39; 13 officially end their terms – spent in the White House and the prison – they will simply be footnotes to a media monster's page, one of them projecting a shadow still in expansion that has graduated since the days of relying on one or two shows.


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