& # 39; Los de Juancho & # 39 ;, the new musical project of vallenato

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Juan Mario de la Espriella meets today the materialization of a new project. After finishing his musical union with the singer Peter Manjarrés, which was announced at the end of last year to the best, comes the Sincelejo, Sucre accordion, with his own musical suggestion; group "Los de Juancho of Juancho de la Espriella".

According to de la Espriella, it is a project that is already beginning, and in principle they will present themselves with the successes they have already registered during their career. "We choose about 20 of the most successful songs I played with Diomedes, with Silvestre, with Peter, with Martín, with Mono Zabaleta, which I wrote in" Mi Esencia ", also on the album I took and we put together an unforgettable show, a show of remembrance, "Juancho explained.

The harmonizer hopes that when he leaves this project at the level of shows and presentations, they can continue at a stage where he posts with Julio Rojas Jr. and Carlos Mario Parra, the two young talents that accompany him in this new musical adventure. In this way, they are also planning to start recording a single in the first place towards the first semester of this year and a second towards the second semester, while they estimate the planning and recording of what would be a CD for the year 2020.

& # 39; Los de Juancho & # 39; is not a new idea, it is rather a purpose that Espriella had long ago. In fact, as he recalled, he had been thinking about this since he was unlike Silvestre Dangond, motivated to work with his name and allow new boys to show through their career and recognition he has achieved over those years. But when he was already in his plan, the separation of Peter Manjarrés with Sergio Luis Rodríguez was presented, then he received a suggestion from the singer, they reached an agreement and the project was temporarily suspended.

Now that he is back alone, the idea begins to consolidate, representing the ability of the accordionist to have something more stable and give him more confidence. "With my companion, Peter, was the separation, thank God, on excellent terms, but this can continue to happen, I go with a singer, and every two, three or four years there are separations," he said as he stressed that his desire is to have a separate company that provides security for the rest of your artistic life.

Meanwhile, for his teammates, Julio Rojas Jr. and Carlos Mario Parra, "Los de Juancho", proves to be a good platform for showing and continuing to grow in the music scene.

The youths, 22 and 25, respectively, are clear about the commitment they are taking now, and the great responsibility that the reputable accordion player places on them.

"For us it is not a lie that we also take as musical, artistic, personal growth, since it is not the same to start a race from scratch than to start next to Juan Mario de la Espriella," said Julio, son of Twice King Vallenato Julio Rojas, who had worked with the group Julio Rojas and Tomás Zuleta, son of Poncho Zuleta.

For his part, Carlos Mario Parra also took important steps in this industry; I had worked with Jhon Mindiola in the choirs and was in the Peter Manjarrés group for four years. He also appeared in the program A Otro Nivel & # 39; where he had an important participation.

"Happy with the opportunity, I also come with great motivation and desire to contribute with what little experience I have bought throughout my career, which is very short, but with great motivation and much desire to give a hundred percent here and to grow" Los de Juancho "who is a new challenge for everyone, a responsibility," he said.

Although, until Wednesday, they launched an official image of the group, which will be based in the city of Barranquilla for logistical and budgetary reasons, already have obligations defined for different dates as expressed by Juancho.

Then they will be January 27 in Tenerife, February 1 in Discolo in Barranquilla, February 2 in the discotheque Kankurua de Valledupar, February 15 in Matilde Lina, February 16 in Acacias, four presentations at Carnival of Barranquilla, March 15 possibly in Pamplona, ​​16. March in Bucaramanga, 11 in Panama and 10 May in Floridablanca.

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