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adminJanuary 11, 2019

The fact that Juanes wants to create a vallenato does not necessarily mean that a draw player plays on his side. Rather, he focuses on the other instrumentation which is also classic, vallenato with guitar.

From there came inspiration The silver, a composition of his that reads, "The money was gone, and it was worth it" and has a theme that sometimes seems believed, sometimes flirtatious, sometimes jocular: "My heart is not just yours but for today gives I do it to you presto, "he sings.

Juanes premiere today this song along with the video, which was responsible for 36 Grado's production company. The song may have been prepared in the US, but the inspiration and present-day talent was Colombian: the production was by Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, and as a guest had samarium Lalo Ebratt.

"Colombia has become the center of music for Latin America, and being a reflection of that change makes me feel happy," Juanes EL TIEMPO said.

How does the idea of ​​being inspired by vallenato arise?
I love it I really have been a fan of vallenato. Medellin, in general, has always been close to the genre. Diomedes Díaz, Los Hermanos Zuleta and other artists played in my house. I wanted to make a vallenato and I worked with Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo.

How Did & # 39; La Plata & # 39; born?

I spend my time picking up ideas on my phone with the guitar when I'm on the plane at the hotel. No matter where I am, I always record what I can think of. And I had a bit of the melody in one of these footage, so we developed it. The idea was to go back to the tradition of vallenato without accordion, with guitar, and mix it a bit with the guasca genre, which I have also played. We made a hybrid. And it makes me happy because it's happy, good vibes.

Why with guitar?

Let's say the whale data influence is in the song. But my intention was not to create a vallenato that artists of the genre do. I wanted a version of mine, a proposal that was natural to my work. Although I used the accordion on other subjects, in this case it was with guitar.

How is bringing these traditional influences to a musical scene full of reggaeton?

It sounds good to me. I agree that much of what sounds like the same thing. I also like new music, how can I not if I have three children listening to it? In the end I get a little and I like it, but I want to put another point. A Colombian folklore base draws attention. I want to add different things to music, more at a time when everything sounds smooth.

At what time did the duo with Lalo Ebratt?

He is part of a collective called Trapical Minds, they are four talented guys. When we were almost done, Lalo arrived in Los Angeles and laid his rap in an original way. It gave the song an important touch. It gave him freshness.

& # 39; La plata & # 39; is part of a future album?

Yes. Inside was the first single of this new scene. This song is the second one. This year, I launch several songs. Finally, I will compile them, but I do not believe at this time in the album format as such. There are artists who do not even take it out. The musical consumption today goes against the songs. They launch them on digital platforms. Obviously I am more about making recordings, but I like the opportunities it gives to singing songs: at that time you can go and go groping what people like.

What else comes this year?

We will be at cool festivals: Lollapalooza from Chile, Vive Latino, from Mexico. This year I see myself playing, that's what I always do, what I love and want to do.


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