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Dr. Phil

Self-hatred is nothing to laugh about, nor are delusional tendencies. That said, there was something so surreal about the show of a 16-year-old black girl named Treasure who insisted she was white on Dr. Phil's amazing talk show on Wednesday that The Root staff could not help but shake their heads. . In confusion and laughter uncomfortably.

We mentioned that his name is "Treasure", right?

Was it really? We're still debating that between us, since Treasure's outrageous behavior was disturbingly like a Atlanta episode come alive. But if it was a performance, the teenager maintained it admirably well, that is, if one could find something admirable about his attitude respectful of all the horrible stereotypes about blacks and deny that, in fact, also one.

Frankly, we could not stand the whole episode, but in the barely digestible pieces we handled, this hypothetical love child of Candace Owens and Stacey Dash (with Paris Dennard as a possible donor) brought the lesson of the black man who hates himself to a new heights Treasure not only claims to be Caucasian (as she repeated so fondly), but apparently equates whiteness with being racist. As if it were not enough to deny having African traits (avoiding all mirrors), she felt obliged to denigrate the race in all possible ways, whenever possible. She even professed to be obsessed with the Ku Klux Klan (insert the eye roll here). I mean, his racism was not even original.

Even Dr. Phil seemed horrified, and he should be (after all, a black woman gave him his platform). We are not therapists, but Treasure demonstrated some clearly narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies; her mother remembers her having mutilated her black wrists as a child, and as she is almost grown up, she proudly proclaims that she has no empathy for others. In fact, Treasure believes that the only way to succeed is to oppress others (what sounds like almost all the slave owners, Adolf Hitler and the oligarch in the Oval Office that she no doubt supports, but I digress).

Dr. Phil

But, of course, behind the majority of the comedy there is an intense tragedy. Again, we did not have the stamina to endure a full hour of Treasure self-hatred, but there were suggestions that her mother, who raised her alone and her brother (it seems she did not have the pathology) may have tricked her daughter about her kinship, and … cue the Treasure identity crisis.

The other guest of Dr. Phil, the Atlanta-based life coach, "Spirit," broke the girl's strange behavior quite succinctly when she said: "It's not that I hate blacks, it's that I hate herself ".

Dr. Phil

And, again, that's no laughing matter and, if Treasure's beliefs are genuine, not only do you need help, but your delusions talk about how insidious racism is in the lives and identities of our children. That this non-racially ambiguous girl was so mortified by the fact of her blackness that would revert Dolezal herself is inexplicably sad. Even sadder is the fact that there is more out there like her.

Then, once again, he verified Kim Kardashian several times during his interviews, so maybe it's a perverse and perverse offer of attention. Either way, if we're laughing, it's just to keep from crying.


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