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Well, is not this just "kicking you in the crotch, spitting on your fantastical neck"?

Courteney Cox, who embodied the monster, but "carefree" to Monica Geller for ten seasons after "Friends," he says he would love to meet with his castmates, but predicts that will never happen.

"People ask us all the time:" Will we do a remake again? ", Said Cox, 54, at an event in New York on Monday. "That was a story about this group of people who are friends of about 30 who are finding themselves, I do not know if there is a way to remake it."

Pretty please, with a manufacturer of moisture on top?

"I just do not see that happening," Cox reiterated to the store. "Although I would do anything to be in a room with all those people acting and having a great time, but I do not see that happening."

The former star of "Cougar Town" is not the only member of the "Amigos" cast that deals with the issue of restarts.

For the September InStyle number, Jennifer Aniston shared that she and Cox, along with their former co-star Lisa Kudrow "talk about" a restart.

"Fantasy with that," he admitted. "It really was the best job I've ever had … I know that Matt LeBlanc does not want to be asked that question anymore, but maybe we can convince him, or we just give him some time and then Lisa, Courteney, and I was able to restart & # 39 ; The Golden Girls & # 39; and spend our last years together in wicker furniture. "

Could that premise be more satisfying?

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