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The last delivery in the Fantastic beasts franchise, The crimes of Grindelwald, taking Harry Potter fans of another exciting adventure in the magical world of the 1920s: change in New York City for Paris as Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) and his magic collection embark on a mission by Albus Dumbledore himself (Jewish law, entering the role of a young and intelligent Hogwarts instructor to prevent a rising dark wizard from conquering the muggle population.

That magician is Gellart Grindelwald, played this time by a controversial castJohnny Depp, who wears an ice blue contact and a familiar and fascist vision of how the population born by magic must occupy the place that corresponds to them as rulers of their smaller and non-magical neighbors. Crimes of Grindelwald it has to do with the first movements, from Dumbledore maneuvering Newt through Europe to the final recruitment ceremony of the dark sorcerer, and while the film answered some remaining questions from the first, and gave us more background on some of the new characters and plot points in the Potter canon: as the second film in a planned series of five, he introduced many more loose ends than he tied, dropping a large amount of history at his execution time of 133 minutes.

Here are seven of our biggest pending questions, which we hope will be answered in the third movie, still untitled, in the Fantastic beasts series:

1. What is the true story of Credence Barebone's identity?

Ezra Miller An abandoned orphan spent much of the film in a single search for the truth of his identity. And while the final revelation of Grindelwald (that Credence is, in fact, Aurelius Dumbledore, brother of Albus) was the game change that drives us to the mythology of the next Fantastic beasts In the cinema, family logistical links already have. Potter The fans scratch their heads.

Through an investigation of the timeline, it seems unlikely that Albus's father, Percival Dumbledore, could have fathered Aurelio before he was sent to Azkaban and, ultimately, upon his death, in 1890: Credence was born at the end of the century and The current day of the film is set in 1927. It is possible that Aurelius is a kind of stepbrother, although it is clear that the mysteries of the Dumbledore family are just beginning to unravel.

Another popular theory is that Credence is not actually Dumbledore's brother, but that the Obscurus inside him is linked in some way to Dumbledore's younger sister, Ariana, who died at age 14 after a horrible attack that left her traumatized for years. Is it possible that his Obscurus live somehow, and that Grindelwald plans to use him in his revenge against Dumbledore?

2. Are we ever going to find out this timeline?

Apart from the issue of Credence's affiliation, it also seems that some mathematical calculations are occurring with the appearance of Professor McGonagall in the Hogwarts flashbacks, which occur almost a decade before the Minerva McGonagall that we know from the Potter The series was even born, but is it somehow already teaching? Maybe this is a relative with the same name, or maybe there are some Time Turner antics in play, but in any case, the fans will surely be attentive to the answers in future deliveries.

3. What does it mean that Dumbledore now has the blood oath?

Niffler, the mischievous Newt, could have saved the day once more by stealing the charm during Grindelwald's final calculation, but what role will the precious stone, which contains a drop of each of the blood of Grindelwald and Dumbledore, in the advancement of history? How will Dumbledore overcome the unbreakable oath and, finally, double and defeat Grindelwald?

Also, can we see more closely Dumbledore's wishes in the Erised Mirror as his relationship with Grindelwald advances towards his predestined end?

4. Is Leta Lestrange really dead?

This may be just an illusion on our part, but we just met the mysterious and problematic witch (played by Zoe Kravitz), Who shares a deep connection with both Newt and his brother Theseus, who befriended the first at Hogwarts but who engaged with the latter today, when she died, rejecting the offer of acceptance of Grindelwald before being shot down for the cerulean hell of the magician. .

The death of Leta marks a significant loss for the Scamander brothers, surely, but it also makes a hole in Potter Canon that has some fans wondering if she really is gone forever. If Credence is truly a Dumbledore – and do not the last living Lestrange – and Leta's brother, Corvus, actually died at sea, then his death seems to mark the end of the family line. However, we know of at least some more Lestranges that appear throughout the following years, most notably Rodolphus, whose wife, Bellatrix, became the Death Eater who fought alongside Lord Voldemort, and was portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter at Potter films.

So Leta, or some other member of her family, must continue living. At the very least, his memory will almost certainly be invoked in future films to inform Newt's relationship with Theseus, as well as his budding new love, Tina (Katherine Waterston). Here is the hope that she is around to see it.

5. Did Queenie really get on the dark side?

What an annoyance, to make one of the most agreeable characters of the first film the one that first falls under the spell of Grindelwald, and to do it only because he wants to be able to love a muggle man without the contempt of his companions? It is a noble metaphor, though not very elaborate, but here it falls a little flat without the screen time available to examine Queenie's (Alison Sudol) the pain or drawing he feels for the message of the evil magician. (Meanwhile, his powers of Legilimency seem not to have been used in this movie).

Still, despite its dark twist, what was hinted at the beginning of the film with its willingness to use a love potion over Jacob (Dan Fogler) – some fans still hope that their new position in the inner circle of Grindelwald is strategic in some way, a plant for the good guys. Time will tell how powerful the pull of the dark side has become in one of the brightest rays of light in the franchise.

6. Will we ever learn more about Nagini?

After the controversy over the cast of Depp this summer, there was a backlash after it was revealed that the South Korean actress Claudia Kim he would be playing Nagini, a Maledictus who will eventually become the companion of Lord Voldemort and eventually Horcrux, condemned to carry a piece of the wicked wizard's soul until his death at the Battle of Hogwarts.

In Crimes of Grindelwald, we find the human form of Nagini, acting in the same circus as Credence, after his escape from the city of New York, but that's all. We are told that eventually, she will not be able to escape from her snake form, and we see her escape the oppressive life of the circus and join Credence in her search for true identity, but we do not have time to examine how any of these things they really affect it. The film did little to assure fans that there is an interesting story to tell here, a poor service to one of the few Asian characters in the franchise, and future films will have some ground to compensate in terms of showing how Nagini becomes dissident. next to his fellow brave magicians on the Hogwarts Bridge after rejecting and escaping from Grindelwald, an evil servant to the right of the next Dark Lord.

7. Did Grindelwald really say he could have stopped the Second World War?

It clearly looks like this. With a drag in his skull-shaped magic hookah (seriously), Depp's malevolent leader defended the power of magic by showing magicians the visions of the horrors of the muggle world, even as Jacob marvels, " another war? "

We know the Fantastic beasts The series has plans to extend until 1945, which means that some versions of the massive world conflict will be, at least, antecedents of the future lines of magic plot. However, the view of a rising anti-government leader who defends systemic suppression by saying he will use it to stop the Nazis may not be ideal.


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