& # 39; Dancing with the Stars & # 39 ;: Evanna Lynch enjoys the fun reunion of & # 39; Harry Potter & # 39; during the night of the trio – Live updates!

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Dancing with the stars& # 39; Trio Night will surely be entertaining!

When the remaining participants enter the fourth week of the dance contest on Monday, they will be joined by an additional star to participate in this week's dance. This season, many of the trio's invited partners are ex DWTS contestants, while others are friends and colleagues of celebrities competing for the season 27 Mirrorball trophy.

ET is a live blog that includes all the action in the ballroom, including the dance duo that goes home at the end of the night.

Mary Lou and Nastia Liukin cut a carpet with Sasha

6:13 p.m.

Leaving her best dance of the season so far last week, Mary Lou and Sasha returned to the DWTS stage with a little help from the former participant and Olympian Nastia Liukin, and it was very fun!

After defeating an impressive Charleston in V.E.S.P.A. "From Dimie Cat, the trio really brought a fun and retro vibe to the night and it was super impressive to see how quickly Mary Lou could dance when she had proposed it.

During the pre-recorded package, Mary Lou began to mourn the pressure exerted on herself, but this time, with some love of Sasha and Nastia, managed to bring a new kind of energy to your routine.

The judges were clearly impressed by the efforts of the groups and obtained a score of 26 out of 30, which is their highest score of the season by far.

DeMarcus, Rashad and Lindsay burn the dance floor

6:02 p.m.

A broken finger was never going to keep DeMarcus down!

DeMarcus and Rashad took advantage of their hyper-male sides for a double-pass set "Fire" by Barns Courtney, and Bruno described the dance as a "clash of titans".

Flaunting his huge and impressive physique, the two had absolute power in their dance, perfectly combined with Lindsay, who poetically recreated the gladiatorial battle that takes place in the iron grid.

One of the most impressive aspects of the entire dance came from Lindsay's effortless control over the dance, but the judges criticized the routine for not having enough precision and grace.

For grandiloquent performance, the trio scored 22 out of 30, which is one of the lowest scores of the season, but it's still ahead of other scores we've seen and we're going to see tonight.

The moral of the story is: Don & # 39; t Chest Bump

5:55 p.m.

DeMarcus's broken finger played center stage in the pre-recorded package, and it's impossible to imagine how random and strange the injury was.

His trio, Rashad Jennings, came over to hit him in the chest and somehow managed to kick his hand so hard that he broke DeMarcus' finger. Good god! That x-ray was something we did not need to see.

Evanna keeps the 'Harry Potter' fanatic happy & # 39; with Trio Partner

5:48 p.m.

Evanna has had no problem hugging her Harry Potter past, and this week she joined her former co-star and good friend Scarlett Byrne for her dance trio with her partner Keo Motsepe.

The three dancers performed a surprisingly sexy salsa, set in Little Mix's "Black Magic," and it became clear how much chemistry the three have in real life and on the dance floor.

In the pre-recorded package, the old co-stars clearly had the kind of link that would clearly be worth it in their routine, and the trio did not disappoint.

Rocking Silver, sets covered with sequins, the couple shone on stage and Evanna felt a lot of love for her growing ability to open up and play in her performances. However, the judges still had plenty of criticism for the trio.

For your fun, flirty couple, the dancers got a formidable 24 out of 30. It's not exactly the most magical number possible, but it's still impressive.

Trio of bulls

5:41 p.m.

Artem Chigvintsev, Gleb Savchenko and Val Chmerkovskiy returned to the stage as sexy killers for one of the hottest results of a commercial we've seen in DWTS.

It's hard to want to see the stars dance sometimes when the professionals are so incredibly good.

Joey Fatone's beard steals the spotlight

5:36 PM:

John and Emma joined the NSYNC star and his elfish white beard for his trio dance in which he and the Dukes of hazzard The actor plays Greek gods.

However, with their dark green tunic ensembles, they looked more like the gay men of Robin Hood (although Emma definitely looked like a Greek goddess, but to be fair, it always looks like that).

The trio danced an Argentine Tango set in the powerful and ethereal "Torn", by Nathan Lanier, and finally they achieved a beautiful number.

The dance started abruptly when Emma's Medusa inspired hair got caught in John's disguise with the belt, but once the violins kicked the performance, it was truly elevated to an amazing new level.

While there was a lot of good to say about his dance, the mistakes still had their effect.

The group got a 21 of 30, placing them at the bottom of the leaderboard at this time, although Grocery Store Joe has not yet risen, so there is still hope for John and Emma.

Tinashe returns strong

5:22 p.m.

Last week, Tinashe and Brandon got a 27, which was their highest score of the season so far. They ended up in the chopping block anyway.

So, this week, it almost seems like it does not matter how well they dance if they do not get the votes they need, which has to be pretty demoralizing.

Possibly in an attempt to increase the inspiration factor, the couple brought Paralympic and ex DWTS Amy Purdy, finalist for her dance trio, a tango game "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Rock of Ages, and the full number just buzzed perfectly.

Covered in red suits, the audience hall routine was endless, fun, and high-energy, and the trio format seemed to work perfectly to show Tinashe's range of dance.

As Carrie Ann said, the dance was "sexy for all the right reasons" and even Len had effusive praise for the dancers and for Brandon's choreography.

Ultimately, the pop singer, the first-time professional and his fellow guest scored 26 out of 30. Hopefully, this time their scores really play a role, whether they end in danger or not.

Juan Pablo returns after obtaining the first perfect score

5:07 p.m.

Juan Pablo and Cheryl arrive on the dance floor with ex DWTSAll the stars the champion Melissa Rycroft for a super sexy Cha Cha – put on "Wavey" by CliQ with Alika – and it definitely brought the heat.

While there seemed to be some tension between Juan Pablo and Cheryl during the rehearsals, there was nothing but sensuality on the stage when they took the stage.

The dance of the trio obtained excellent criticism from the judges for the suffocating routine and the undeniable ability of Juan Pablo, but also indicated one or two technical errors.

While their efforts did not earn them another perfect score, they still took home 24 formidable 30s.

Trio Introductions

5:01 PM:

It's Trio Week, and it was not until all the trios got into the grandiloquent (and crowded) introductory introductions that the night really got exciting.

First of all, even though Val left her last week, we all knew she would return almost immediately.

Secondly, Joey Fatone's crazy Hobbit beard is 10 amazing types.

Here we go for week 4!

Injury updates

5:00 PM:

Every season we see that some stars are seriously injured, and this time we are starting early. Former NFL star DeMarcus Ware broke his little finger during the rehearsals (in a bizarre accident involving a blow to the chest or an embrace with the dancing partner of the guest trio Rashad Jennings) and Bobby Bones would have fractured his foot. Tonight we will see what impact these setbacks have on the DWTS contestants

Looking back to who went home

4:58 p.m.

The field of competitors was reduced once again at the end of the week of "Most memorable year" last Monday, when it all came down to the two endangered couples: Nancy McKeon and her partner Val Chmerkovskity, as well as Tinashe and her partner Brandon Armstrong.

Unfortunately, McKeon got the ax and sent it home (leaving her completely speechless and speechless), which means that the producers of Val vs. Jenna Johnson certainly were looking for that probably will not be made.

Dancing with the stars It airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on ABC. Watch the video below to see what happened when ET crashed the trial of Joe, Jenna and Jordan last week.

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