& # 39; Chicago PD & # 39; Recap Season 6 Episode 10: Ruzek / Upton Reaction

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday's Chicago P.D.

Another member of the Intelligence unit was clued into Ruzek and Upton's secret relationship during Wednesday's Chicago P.D.

Although Burgess's reaction is probably the more anticipated, Halstead stumbles upon the truth while Ruzek and Upton have a heated, emotional argument at work. Upton is upset with Ruzek to cover Antonio's actions, thus endangering him and his career while Ruzek claims that Upton has always had a problem with ethics.

"This has nothing to do with police loyalty. It has to do with you. I care about you," she counts back, just before Halstead enters and announces that he could hear them in the stairwell.

Chicago PD RecapAlthough Halstead warns them not to have this conversation here, he is more understanding when Upton later opens up her surprise romance.

"I didn't think this would turn into something. It made me be guards," she confesses. Halstead – who knows a thing or two about workplace relationships – answer, "I get it. And you didn't have to tell me anything. Be good. We'll always be fine." Well, it certainly felt like a loaded answer, right? ?

P. D. fans, what did you think about Halstead's reaction?

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