& # 39; Charlie Brown Thanksgiving & # 39; criticized as racist

adminNovember 23, 2018

You are a racist man, Charlie Brown!

Critics are criticizing ABC's "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" for sitting his only black character, Franklin, alone on one side of the Christmas table, in an old and threadbare garden chair.

Meanwhile, white friends, including Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown, Sally and even Snoopy, were all sitting in front of him in real chairs as they feasted, noted Twitter users.

The special, which debuted on November 20, 1973, aired again on Wednesday, sparking outrage from social networks over the arrangement of the gang's picnic table.

"Why is Franklin in Charlie Brown's thanksgiving sitting alone at the table? Man. Things I did not notice when I was a kid. " @ Asharp52 exploded on Twitter.

Others said goodbye for a table of seats that would have thrilled George Wallace.

"I no longer see Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, until they feel some people on the same side of the table as Franklin," wrote another review, along with two black power style emojis.

The scene in question centers on an impromptu festive feast, of toast, gelatin and ice cream, in Charlie Brown's backyard.

At one point, poor, lonely Franklin collapses in his half-broken chair.

"They give our friend the broken chair and they do not even sit on the same side of the table, more evidence that Charlie Brown and his companions are RACIST", hit Twitter user @ mwizzy128.

But others defended the special classic, noting that its creator, Charles Schulz, struggled to add Franklin to the cast to face racism in 1968.

"Seriously, please get some historical context." Charles M. Schultz was a pioneer and lowered racism in those days by adding Franklin to reflect the problem … and challenge what was then happening in society. " He tweeted to the radio presenter of California, Mark Larson.

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